Three Sessions on Tummy - Sydney, Australia

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I am a fit normal weight female with a little hard...

I am a fit normal weight female with a little hard to shift stomach fat.

The first procedure was pretty barbaric. The nurse was just brutal, and there had been no mention of how painful this is prior. When I asked for numbing cream, despite the high cost of these treatments, and the presumably HUGE profit margin that must be made, I was told that I would have to have bought my own numbing cream, but of course, there was no mention of this prior.

The nurse did briefly apply an ice pack before tenderising me with the multi needled device, literally like a minute steak. I went into shock, it was so painful. Fought back tears, went dizzy and faint. Just brutal. Therapist went to do other clients, and clearly didnt give a hang.

Had a few minutes to recover, then limped out of the centre.

Post I was VERY swollen, sore and in a post traumatic state, felt like I had been in a car accident. Subsequent 2 treatments were less traumatic, as i knew what to expect, but still really really deeply unpleasant and painful.
Three treatments in all should have delivered a result. It didn't.

Certainly nothing like what it should given the time, trauma, pain,shock. And the enormous expense considering it has little to no results. It certainly does not live up to its promised effects. I think liposdissolve is a scam. I am thinking of making a complaint to consumer affairs and asking for my money back from the provider.

Just re-reading, to think I spent $1200 on that,...

Just re-reading, to think I spent $1200 on that, well it makes me want to cry. Such a waste in time, money and PAIN!
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