Did They Remove Clitoros Hood? Sydney, AU

Hi, I had this surgery and wanted to remove...


I had this surgery and wanted to remove nearly all of the labia.
My outer ones kinda went upwards towards the hood area.
and I did have the clitoris hood reduction too.

But now it feels really swollen and looks like there is no skin covering the clitoris at all?
Or is it actually underneath?
im not sure, help please.

whenever i walk i feel it rubbing against my underwear.
feels waay too sensitive.
i hope its not exposed.


Update after sooo long!

Hi all,

So i realized alot of people like to visit the site for advice, research and experiences. I though i'd write a detailed update of my procedure as i didnt before (sorry!)

So i had the operation around august in 2014 (time has flown), and I guess my healing went o.k. as i can remember. I did have alot of swelling though.

Beforehand, the items i think i bought were: ice pack, dettol soap, spray bottle, comfy pillow and thats about all i think. The medicines and creams i needed post op were ready for me to pick up by the nurse on surgery day.

So in the morning i woke up, showered with dettol antibacterial soap, and wore baggy comfy black pants. Dont wear tight clothing! something loose or comfortable is much better. My surgery was in the afternoon so during the day i just cleaned my room and things so its all ready for when i return home to rest :)

The thing is, I was young (20) and soo embarrassed by having this done, I paid it myself by working hard for about a year while studying. And i didnt tell anyone i got this done. Not a soul..., not my mom, friend, no one. But now looking back, i recommend you do tell one person atleast, so they can help you be there for you incase something goes wrong. Coz it is scary doing this by yourself alone! My mom is soooo kind and nice. If i got this done again, i would just easily tell her as it takes a weight off your shoulders knowing your not doing this alone.

Another reason i was brave enough, was that my surgeon was sooo friendly, and caring. I felt i could definitely trust them. So having a surgeon you can count on is absolutely the best esp on something so sensitive like this.
Since i was dumb and didnt tell anyone, i caught a bus to the clinic, and i remember i was quite excited finally getting this after months of getting ready for it. Try to get a good nights sleep the night before :)
When i got to the clinic, the nurse talked with me, i signed some paperwork, met surgeon for quick briefing aswell, and went into operating room. The procedure didnt hurt at all, most likely coz of the anesthetic, but i didnt even actually feel the 'numbing needles' alot of people report experiencing. I woke up after about 20 mins, was probably longer ,but ii was pretty out of it. I couldnt believe it was done!. I rested for awhile in the recovery room. And since i didnt want anyone picking me up, the nurse arranged for their special taxi to drive me home.
In the taxi i fell asleep for awhile, and woke up and became more alert by the time we reached my street. I made sure i had money for the cab the day before too. And the driver was really kind, and made sure i got to my house ok.

I got home , my whole family was there lol jus eating watching tv, thought i went out with friends. I went to my room and slept for a few hours, I was really drowsy and sleepy from the anesthetic. My mom thought i jus felt unwell and asked if i was okay or needed anything, I was fine though. I woke up a few hours later at around 11pm, everyone was asleep or in their bedrooms, so i watched tv a bit and put an icepack over my underwear and pad as i noticed abit more swelling. It didnt hurt but just felt a bit tender and sore.
Since i wasnt allowed to eat or drink before surgery, i didnt need to pee yet. But was anxious in the morning about it.

The next morning there was abit more welling. I remember in the middle of the night, if i moved or touched it by accident with the pad, it was quite sensitive. So i just slept on my back and not my sides. I went to pee and surprisingly it didnt sting or burn, I use the spray bottle to clean with water, and applied the prescribed creams i got from the clinic. I had minimal pain and it was looking good.

After a few days i had a problem as my clitoris area was tooooo super swollen, and unbelievably sensitive. It almost got so bad, i was going to bail and tell someone, and cry and let it all out. But i called the surgery and the nurse said it will be okay, i also went for a post op check up. And was finally relieved when surgeon told me its just really swollen and will go down.

The only thing i notice now is as i had the hood reduction aswell, if during sex, the hood is pulled abit, my clit feels super sensitive. i'm still not 100% used to this yet, and think its just as i had more skin covering it before. It did take a few weeks extra for the clit swelling to go down, but it eventually did, and isnt as sensitive as when it was swollen up.

I'm 100% happy i did this surgery, and before i even booked the consultation i did TONNES of research and did read horror stories from other patients. But since i wanted this soo bad for myself, i went ahead with it, and its been great so far! I took about 1.5 weeks off work and needed it as the swelling made me walk and sit a bit funny. I would say it actually isnt too painful as a surgery, but healing is when you can feel it. everyone does heal differently and can be better and easier for some.

(i typed this before and it accidentally got deleted! so i typed it again, sorry if it seems brief and my spelling errors! )
I'll try and post a post op pic!
The Cosmetic institute

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