Extreme Pain Post Operatively- Left Breast Only - Sydney, Australia

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I had a breast augmentation; 365cc, the surgeon...

I had a breast augmentation; 365cc, the surgeon recommended appropriate for my current breast/body size.
I work quite a physical job, unfortunately worked the 4 hours pre-surgery, and the surgeon mentioned my pecs were bigger than his ;) bit of an exaggeration (i only way 52 kg) but point made, they were significant.
I came out of anaesthesia crying, in the most unbearable pain. Before this I'd never even taken paracetamol for headaches etc, just ignore them....

The nurse looking after me appeared quite impatient with this girl with "such low pain threshold" & gave me the usual amount of painkiller, said I'd had a large amount already, that was enough. I pretty much had tears running down my face for 5 hours, till something settled down.

I texted my friend who'd had implants what meds shed been given, & she said Valium, which is a muscle relaxant. Luckily I had some lying around at home, took 2, & felt in heaven- pain cut in half.

Now, for the past 5 days, I've had the same pain as the lady above- pain under left breast, sharp stab when I sneeze, cough (god forbid I'd rather choke), laugh, and attempt to lean forward. It has finally started to settle today.
My surgeon called & said he's not seen this is 7 years, apart from a girl half my size who got 500cc+ implants...
I can only assume it's from a lower incision on left than right, to even it up, & reattaching the pec to possibly an intercostal muscle/rectus abdominus (need to ask surgeon this one) - it was under a high amount of tension, couldn't handle any extra strain.

Good news is that in 6 days, it's faded.
The right breast is happy as Larry and packed the dishwasher last night ...

My advice:
1. After 2 days of ice packs, HOT PACKS just on that spot
2. Valium
3. Relative rest from aggravating activity
4. Time to heal
5. Fresh fruit & Veges to speed up healing
6. Speak to doctor about injecting a local muscle relaxant-Botox would have been lovely

Sorry this post was 2 months late but I hope it brings comfort to you if you go through the same thing

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