Deviated Septum, turbinates, bulbous and projected nose

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I had been thinking about rhinoplasty for about 10...

I had been thinking about rhinoplasty for about 10 or so years. First time I can remember taking more notice of my nose was when my cousin told me I had a " coke nose" ( people that snort cocaine and it makes your nose look bumpy and weird after doing it your whole life) please note I am not someone like that!
Have researched on and off for a few years about how nose jobs work and exactly what I need and the terms used. Have saved thousands of photos of celebrities and other people on real self's noses that I like so i definstely knew what I wanted!
Made the leap and booked it with a surgeon who seemed to know what he was talking about, had no negative reviews (I had researched so many in Sydney already) He is also an ENT as I needed this for breathing function and deviated septum , and he told me he does a lot of the aethetic side aswell. He told me he can tell I am very particular and perfectionist and that he is confident etc etc.
I had about 4 consults with him before making my decision and we were on the same page, he did simulations for me and I showed him photos of what I like so he got the idea.
Here's a breakdown of what I asked the surgeon to do ( also see photos) : shave broken bone in right side of nose bridge, fix deviated septum, turbinate reduction (inside of nose) , refine and make slightly Poitier my tip, slight slope in bridge to give scooped out look, deproject nose slightly.
I am 5 weeks post op currently.
I know a lot of you will tell me to wait until the swelling goes down, but to me the obvious reasons I had surgery for haven't been addressed and are the opposite to what I requested the surgeon to do.
He fixed my septum perfectly, did a turbinate reduction inside, and shaved down the sticking out bone on side of bridge. This is where the success stops.
Hit appears he attempted to make my tip refined and less bulbous, but has actually made it rounder than it was before. Please see before photo. Also he did not even attempt to make my bridge scooped out, instead it is actually higher than it was before! I was thinking maybe he scooped it out and over-scooped so he then built it back up to cover it up and hasnt said anything? It's definately heaps higher than before and that is the last thing I wanted. Also, I know have a thick columnella that I didn't have before, unsure if it's just swelling but I can't see it completely going away even if it is swelling.
Sort of want peoples opinions as I havent told family and only 1 friend and my boyfriend and he is sick of hearing about it and pretends everything is fine.
I just think it looks so far from my digital imaging photo( I know you can never get it the same) but it's nowhere near close :-(
I am going to book a consultation with another surgeon regarding revision just to ask what he thinks was done and why it hasn't worked out.
I have a follow up appointment with my own surgeon next week which I will try and remain calm when asking what happened to the tip change and scooping profile
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