Ulthera Warning - Sydney, AU

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I am posting in the hope that i will deter anyone...

i am posting in the hope that i will deter anyone thinking of doing ulthera. I had the procedure two years ago. very bad idea. i regret it every time in look in the mirror. still. I noticed fat loss immediately. Well i guess that what happened as my face just looks smaller. But the doctor assured me it was impossible. Since then, many doctors agree that is certainly does. i looked very good for my age before. i still don't have any wrinkles but my best features such as my prominent cheekbones are no longer. The other problem with it is that it will not affect your features evenly. i had a very symmetrical face prior to ulthera, now it is unbalanced. Not one person paid me a compliment since i had the procedure. if fact the reverse, that i look tired. i also had very tight eyelids before. i noticed immediately that they dropped after ulthera. exactly the opposite of what should happen. i don't know if it causes just fat loss or other damage also. but it really is not good. There are many better ways to increase collagen in your face. for example checking your hormones are balanced, lots of exercise, diet, these things do a better job without damaging the only natural face you will get.
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