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I recently had an excision of a keloid scar, that...

I recently had an excision of a keloid scar, that had developed after i had a bunch biopsy of a tiny mole on my right upper arm, then had it removed again via excision after the mole reappeared. I had the biopsy of my mole (turned out to be benign) approximately 4 months after i gave birth. It returned, and so a couple months later, i had my local doctor cut it out. Within 3 months after that, i developed a nasty looking, itchy keloid scar. The original mole had been approx 2mm in diameter, and the resultant keloid approx 4cm in diameter!! It would be an understatement to say i was NOT happy - particularly as i did not fit the profile of a keloid prone person. I am not young young (36) - keloids tend to occur in people up to their late 20s; i am not of a dark ethnic background (eg. hispanic, african american or asian) - i am as caucasion (gothic white) as you can get! and i did not have a previous history of keloid scarring (ive had MANY many surgical procedures for moles (excisions++), skin tag removal, septoplasty, and NEVER had an issue with abnormal scarring.

So what contributed to my original keloid scar?: I can''t state definitively however:

* I can tell you that the GP excised the original mole as it grew back after her punch biopsy - she did not used dissolving stitches, and from what i could tell (i am a former registered nurse), the sizing of the stitch was not what she had wanted (instead she went with what she had in stock). A few weeks after she excised that mole, my skin went a dark black colour ( i thought it was turning necrotic, but did nothing about it, thinking it would clear up, as i had never previusly had any issues with scarring), and i developed little micro pimples (?cysts) around the wound. I went back after 14 days to have the stitches removed. My GP did not advise that i do anything else. (not happy re this)...

* as i had just given birth, i did not know i had LOW VITAMIN D levels. Anyone who knows anything about vitamin D will tell you it is so important for immunity (incl wound healing). I found out approx 9 months after giving birth that my count was low (24). I started taking vitamin D daily, and my levels elevated to a therapeutic level (99) - my aches and pains post ceaser "miraculously" dissapeared.

I decided approx 2 months ago to have the keloid removed as it was so incredibly itchy (not painful) and quite ugly and noticeable (even my now-toddler would notice it and attempt to pick at it!!). This time, i decided to pay to have it excised by a plastic surgeon i had gone to years ago to have moles removed (and with whom id never had any post treatment complications). All was going fine until about 1 month into it. The surgical line was starting to looking slightly inflamed and i panicked. I noticed a tiny little pimple develop next to the wound line, but nowhere in number as previously.

I hadn't been vigilant in taking my vitamin D in the month prior, so to prevent a keloid from forming, i did the following and so far, so good:

* recommenced taking my vitamin D

* alternating rubbing essential lavender and rosehip oils into the wound

* but what i found REALLY worked was use of hirudoid cream. Within 1 hour of putting it on my wound, the redness had all but disappeared and the wound flattened out a bit. I will continue for a few months just to make sure inflammation doesnt erupt again.

* my plastic surgeon also used dissolving stitches instead of thick removal ones.

So my routine at the moment is hirudoid cream morning and night, and alternating with rosehip oil and lavender (which i find works better than the rosehip) during the day. Another upshot is, you smell quite nice due to the scent of the oils!

Ive also heard the apple cider vinegar works in treating keloid scarring. Ive had not had to use any ACV as a keloid has not technically yet formed. Should a keloid develop i would also try aspirin paste (crush aspirin with some water or lemon juice) or hydrogen peroxide. I have them all in my medicine cabinet, just in case!!

I dont know how effective some of these latter treatments would be with treating keloids - i decided to go down the surgical route (which was not cheap); but im glad that this time around i decided to be proactive in avoiding a possible keloid scar by treating inflammation as soon as i noticed it develop. Its frustrating, because on the day i had that keloid excised from my arm, i also removed a few other moles (on my back and toes), and i have had NO problems with wound healing at all. I havent even been applying rosehip oil to them as i cant reached around to the spot on my back, and the toes, well, i just couldnt be bothered.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has recently giving birth (especially via ceaser) and developed a tendency to keloid post giving birth. ie. no prior history of keloiding.
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