Smaller Tip Wanted - Less Bulbous on Bottom Tip - Sydney, AU

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I have already had my nose done to be smaller on...

I have already had my nose done to be smaller on tip and fixed septum and don't want to do anything to bone even if it is a little wide but the tip is still too big and my nostrils seem to have very impressive muscles so if I laugh really hard they flare up. I would like the tip to be smaller on the bottom of the 'ball', like a third of it gone. I like the shape, just a smaller ball. Would cephalic trim procedure work to make the bottom part of the 'ball' smaller? Also the ball looks bigger when I smile hard and thats not so much the ball tipping down but the ala flaring up above the ball. Would you trim the bottom middle of the lower lateral cru to make the bottom third of ball smaller or the whole ball about one third smaller overall? And maybe botox would help with flaring. I don't really want to reduce ala as then I think the bulbous tip would look even bigger? Like maybe I would get the tip made smaller and then see about ala, and if it needs it, then do at a later date? What do you think about shrinking the ball and keeping the same basic shape? Is it easy to do? How would it be done please? What part of the cartilage makes up the ball part? Or do I need dome division? Horizontally. I would like this to be really minimally invasive just shrink size of ball and keep shape. thanks!
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