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2 Jul 2015
I just had an appointment with Dr Jeremy Hunt on the 29/6/15 in regards to a septoplasty, rhinoplasty, revision work on former bletharoplastys on my right eye and chin liposuction. He was very helpful and informative in regards to all four surgeries and told me that he would be able to fix my deviated septum as well as enhancing my nose and also be able to perform the chin liposuction and correction of the right eye via an endoscopic brow lift at the same time. The estimated cost for all of this is $21,340 including hospital and anesthetists fees. I am thus far extremely pleased with how he has treated me and with the information he has provided me with. He seems extremely professional and well educated in his field and I am excited to possibly go ahead with those surgeries with him. In future I will also be possibly going to him for correction of my botched abdominoplasty, I would have done all the surgeries at once but I don't feel I am physically or mentally up to the task of enduring so much all at once. I will write a seperate review on the abdominoplasty revision with him in future.


Surgery is booked

I rang Dr Hunts office today and booked the surgery for the 1st of September. The 20% deposit ($3,500) has been paid and the pre op appointment is scheduled for the day before on the 31st of August in the afternoon. I just have to organise flights and accomodation now and then pay the remaining amount two weeks prior to surgery day. I'm feeling a little anxious but mostly excited. I will have to stay for about ten days post surgery in Sydney as Dr Hunt doesn't want me flying before the post op appt so I will probably be there around 11-12 days in total staying in a hotel close to his edge cliff consult rooms but I'm hoping it will only be 10 days all up that I have to be there so I can get home to my family. Any tips for what to pack and expect for post op would be greatly appreciated as I'm a little unsure as to wether or not I will literally be in bed the whole time recovering or if I will be fine a few days after and be able to do some activities outside to keep me occupied.

5 days left...

Only five more days till surgery now. Feeling a bit nervous but excited at the same time. Starting to pack some stuff and trying to organise house chores that need to be done before I leave so I won't have to worry about it when I get home. Everything has been paid for except for the hospital fee which I will pay upon arrival on operation day. I think the hardest part will be having to be away from my son for the twelve days I have to stay there. It's probably going to be the biggest hurdle even more than the surgery itself for me. Hoping it will all be worth it in the end!

Surgery day.

Today is the day! My admission time is 11:30 so I will be heading off for the hospital soon. Feeling a mixture of nervousness and excited. I'm not too worried about anything except for how the pain medication/anaesthesia will affect me post op. I tend to feel very anxious/panicked on heavy doses of pain meds but fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I will try and update after surgery asap.

Day 6 post op.

To say recovery from this has been rough would be an understatement. I truly never expected to feel as terrible as I have. As soon as I woke up from surgery in the recovery unit I felt as though I had been hit by a truck. I was groggy and couldn't open my eyes and then proceeded to vomit for about ten mins almost choking on my own sick because my nose drip pad fell into my mouth blocking the vomit back down my throat. About ten minutes after all that they sent me back up into my room and I pretty much was in and out of sleep every thirty mins or so for the next 24 hours. My throat felt like razor blades were being scraped through it with every breath I took because of all the mouth breathing and my head throbbed and burned from the brow lift/staples. Between feeling all that the neck liposuction really wasn't a bother at all. Having the chin strap placed over the head staples was painful though. I've just been pushing through each day, sleeping a lot, taking my medications and eating when I can handle it. If I didn't have my fiancé here waiting on me hand and foot I don't think I could have made it to this point. I would never have multiple surgeries again. Separately sure, but all at once has tested me to my limits.

Pictures during recovery day 6.

Day 6, having a slight break from chin strap for an hour just to wash it.

Day 7 post op appointment.

Today is day 7 post op and I have my first check up appointment with Dr Hunt. I am so excited to finally have the cast, nose tubing and scalp staples off, not just to see my nose but so I can finally have some relief from the tension and annoyance they are all causing me. I've read that having the nasal splint/tubes removed is one of the oddest but most satisfying feelings ever. I'm feeling pretty good today, didn't get to sleep till around 2 am but woke up at 7 feeling more energegetic and awake than I've been since surgery. I'm really worried about my brows still being uneven, it still looks the same shape just a little higher, like it's still lower in the front section closest to my nose bridge, but I'm hoping he will tell me it's just swelling and that it will resolve over time because there is no way in heck I would be up for re doing that surgery again, I just couldn't go through the anaesthetic and the pain and the time away from my son again so this was my last shot at that being fixed for me really. Same with the nose, I'm finding it still looks like it leans to one side and the nostrils look a bit uneven but fingers crossed it all works out. Trying to keep a positive mindset and not let the worries get to me too much.

Almost two years on.

I haven't updated for a while as I had almost completely forgotten to do so but now I am looking at having a revision abdominoplasty as well as a breast augmentation with Jeremy Hunt which I have an appointment to see him for on the 1st of May this year so I figured I should also update this surgeries journey. I am so extremely happy with how everything has turned out. My brows are so even, my neck liposuction has turned out amazingly well and I love my new nose. If I was to be really picky my only complaints would be that I wish my nose bridge was slightly more sloped and that more fat was removed from my neck but other than that I am completely over the moon about my results. I would highly recommend Dr Jeremy Hunt to everybody looking at having surgery done be it corrective or enhansive.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jeremy Hunt was curteous, informative and hospitable as well as punctual in our consult and provided me with exactly what I was looking for thus I feel confident enough to go ahead and book a surgery date with him. Absolutely amazing, I had a rhinoplasty, neck liposuction and a brow lift performed by Dr Jeremy Hunt and I could not be happier with the results. It is almost two years on now and I am still absolutely ecstatic with the work he did.

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