Worst Mistake of my Life

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Hi this is my experience with laser. I had some...

Hi this is my experience with laser. I had some laser done to remove facial veins, and have regretted it ever since. I have had it done in the past and never had a problem. The first two time were fine but the third one at the clinic I will never forget.
I Remember telling the girl not to go aggressive and the girl telling me if we didn't do the right settings it wouldn't work. It was hotter than before and painful. She did one side, place laser aid on it then wiped it off and went over with it again with laser, I knew it was wrong straight away. She gave me a
Mirror and I saw blistering straight away, then she had the hide to say it wasn't blisters ..... Then what the hell were they ? She ushered me out, didn't offer a cold compress and asked for the money. When I asked for a cold compress she have me one that wasn't cold. I nearly walked out crying because she was so ride.
The next few days the healing took a while, it crusted and a scabbed. I went back to see them as I thought it didn't seem right. They told me not to see a dermatologist or a doctor because they could make it worse. Red lights are flying. The scabbing flaked off but I was left with red thermal burns and scarring. When I returned to the clinic they refused they could see anything. I'm so distraught and very depressed. I have filled a complaint, but only get a phone call from the salon owner saying the girl said they haven't done any damage. I sent him the photos I haven't heard back from him. I have seen a dermatologist in Sydney he said to wait and give it time to heal then come back in 2 months, I think I need a second opinion. Is there anyone from Sydney who can recommend a good dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who knows how to repair laser damage ???
The laser used was a candela.
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