31 Years Old , Very Active 2 Kids 3 Years and 8 Years Old ! So Worried - Sydney, AU

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Hello everyone , i don't know how to start ! i...

hello everyone ,
i don't know how to start !
i am a mother for 2 cheeky boys who's require lots of attention i do lot's of activities with the boys and i have no one to help me around that's why i am too worried about my surgery .

I decided to have my breast augmentation and my nose to be done in the same day so less recovery time and i don't have to be under anesthesia twice .

After breast feeding my babies i have lost my real shape and size
i am A cup and my surgeon suggested to go under muscle between 250/280 c
i am petite size usually so i don't want to look too big anyway i want natural look .

the only thing worry me is post surgery !how can i look after my kids? i am able to do all the activities again with them? . how i am gonna handle the pain ? i will be able to shower myself ? etc...

i am so excited and can't wait till my surgery day !
so wish me good luck .

give me idea !!

what size i should go if i have exactly the same figure as the one at the photo !

So worried and don't know how to take decision

Ok everyone if you can help me taking decision
I have cancelled my surgery last year and this Tuesday I have to decide if I am going to do breast augmentation or not I am performing my rhinoplasty on the 29th and my ps mentioned he can do both on the same day .
So worried I really want to have better look and get rid of my padded bras but in the same time worried about my kids what if my recovery time took longer ? What if I need revision ? My kids have no one here to look after them .
Any help plzzzz
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