Swollen Tip 3 Months After Rhinoplasty?

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I had my rhinoplasty 2 and ahalf months ago . when...

i had my rhinoplasty 2 and ahalf months ago . when i first removed the cast my nose was fine but a bit biger on the tip. after that my nose started to grow biger. the upper part of the nose(the bone) is fine and narrow, but the tip is really puffy and round like a cloune. it is really annoying me and when i take a view from the bottom i see that my nose base is not a triangle it is a half circle!

i always hated my nose and thought it looked very sharp and long...

the operation went well and never felt any pain. i just hate the fact that my nose is still very swollen after 3 months. the tip looks horrible.

is that normal? and is there any way to reduce or fix the swelling or will it stay like this? i am afriad that even if it goes down the tip and the upper bone will not be on the same narrow level. please help!!!
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my new nose doesnt suit me

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