Swollen Gland and Numbness Around Gland After Facelift

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Pro: Dr is a facial plastic surgeon & ear...

Pro: Dr is a facial plastic surgeon & ear nose, & throat Dr.

Con: Recovery is slow, and right salivary gland is very swollen, basically making my profile look worse than it did before the surgery.

Con: Dr says nothing you can do about it.

Con: Want to have full face laser but don't want to move forward until this condition is resolved. My profile used to be good, now I keep my hair over my face.

Had surgery because I had a deviated septum and jowls. I just turned 59 yrs old.

I had Facelift,Cheek Lift, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. Have normal numbness around ears and jawbone. Happy with results except right salivary gland very swollen and slight red line along jawbone. Very visible from right side profile, left gland not swollen. Doctor said nothing to do but remove it and he didn't recommend it. Said visible because he pulled platysma muscle back. Said it was like this before, but I know my body pretty well and it wasn't. Just in case it's relevant, nose runs all the time since surgery. Using cortisone on incisions, fluticasone propionate for nose. Any recommendations?

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Because I had a nice jawline before a did the surgery.

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