Unsure Whether to Fix Misaligned Jaw or Not? - Switzerland

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Hi everybody! I had braces as long as I can...

Hi everybody!
I had braces as long as I can remember. The orthodontist did everything to fix my underbite without surgery. I got my braces off 1 year ago but I don't know if I am happy with the results or not. I am 20 years old. My teeth are ok and nobody ever did recognize that I have an underbite nor do I have any problems with biting or speaking. My problem is my profile (maxillary deficiency). If I relax my face, I think, even though of the deficiency, it looks ok. If I smile a little it's not that pretty, but still ok (ok in terms of not being embarrassed to go out in public). BUT: If I force my smile and smile really big (I never smile like that, it feels unnatural), it's SO BAD. My chin sticks out and you really see that my Maxilla is not well developed.
What would you suggest? Leave it like that? or having a jaw surgery (which I'm very scared of)?
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