99% Sure I'll Do It.. Not Decided on the Size Yet - Switzerland

Hey girls Sooo... Have always gone throuh phases...

Hey girls
Sooo... Have always gone throuh phases of being OK with my small boobies to being really unhappy. I leaned out a lot over the past 8 months and - thanks mother nature - the first thing that disappeared were my boobs. Gone. Not that there was much to begin with, but they are just vanished now. I don't even fill out a small A anymore and wearing bras (other than sports bras or bralettes) is just silly and looks stupid; may as well put two coconut shells on my chest, about the same effect.
So I had my first consultation here in Zurich, Switzerland about 6 weeks ago. Loved the surgeon, felt very comfortable and understood.
My goal is NOT to go big. At all. I'm one of the fews ones on here who are looking for a VERY natural enhancement, not a C cup. I want to be a B, not more.
I am very athletic and lean and have a small frame so the LAST thing I want is for people to see from 2miles away that I've had my boobs done. I am not a fitness model or anything like that so I'm definitely not going for the typical "toned body with huge boobs"-look that seems to be omnipresent at the moment when you think of "fitspo". Actually, my worst nightmare is to be looking like that (it may look good on others no doubt and no judgement, it's just not what i want for myself). Also, my weightlifting and crossfit should not be hindered by my boobies and therefore I'm going SMALL!
My surgeon understood very well what I want and didn't push me to go bigger - although he did say that it's common to think "I should have gone bigger" afterwards. We did the Vectra simulation with 185cc silicon, tear-drop implants (don't have the full stats with me right now) and I LOVED how they looked
Then I had a second opinion consultation with another surgeon (always good to get a second opinion) which was a complete disaster :) I could have walked out after 2 minutes, knowing he was not one for me; think slightly sleezy comments about big boobs being erotic, and him "just being a man after all"... Yeah, no thanks mate, you may be a good surgeon but to me it sounded like he was the guy all the girls from a certain film industry go to... Also - and that's what put me off the most - he wouldn't listen to me. He suggested round implants and started with 300cc (!), then wouldn't go below 240cc. Round because he said "you want a bit of cleavage/decolleté after all". I have barely any breast tissue on my chest and even under the muscle I would be very wary of them ending up with the telltale rim at the top... Vectra with 240cc looked to big for my liking and the "simulation bra" felt big and awkward and totally "not me". Well, it was good to have a second opinion, if only to feel even more comfortable with the first surgeon I met with.
I'm going in for my second consultation with the first one in a week, bringing the boyfriend along.
And I think I want to have 200cc and 225cc (or similar) modelled as well... I'm still convinced that I want to keep it natural and small, but from what I've been reading it appears that these sizes are still considered very small and that often girls say to go a couple of cc's above what you thought to cater for post-surgical-boob-greed :D
If I'm going through with it (and frankly, I've already settled my mind on it...) I'm aiming for an early November surgery so that I can use the 6 weeks til xmas to heal up before snowboarding season starts :)

I've had Macrolane injected about 7 years ago (during one of the "I want boobs"-phases, where I didn't have the guts yet to get implants... Most stupid decision of a lifetime, lasted 3 months, cost me 6k and was just plain useless) and it was the most painful experience ever, couldn't use my arms AT ALL for 2 days, couldn't get up by myself, felt like a helpless baby. Went through it all by myself so this time around at least I know what to expect in regards to restricted mobility, possible pain etc, and I have my boyfriend to take care of me!
Just scared of the 6 weeks "no training at all" thing and where I will have to pick up my training after not doing anything for such a long time (and upper body training will take forever to be up to speed again... :((

Anyone here a crossfitter or training hard and have any tips how to "survive" those weeks/months?

Thanks everyone in advance for your comments, help and feedback!


Sorry for the cover up, in the sense of anonymousity I had to cover up a tell-tale tattoo

Date set, size set!!! I'm doing this!

Just met up with my surgeon again to go over sizing one more time. I love that he doesnt try and push me to go bigger, on the contrary - he says considering my frame, built, and the goal I want, he recommends to have 185cc moderate profile anatomical/tear dropped silicon implants. He will also bring the next size 210cc into the OP and will then "try" both sizes; but the difference will only be about 7mm more projection (same width and height) and I'm not sure if I want/need that.
Love the fact that he doesnt urge me to go bigger and seems to be very reasonable.
I am booked in for November 7!!
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