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I'm approaching 40, so I thought I'd give botox a...

I'm approaching 40, so I thought I'd give botox a go. I did it for my 11s and for a brow lift. I was really pleased with the results. They look natural, I still had my facial expressions, yet I look (and even felt!) more relaxed.

Sadly, the effect wore off quite quickly, but I have read that it starts lasting longer when you do repeated injections. I've already booked my next appointment and plan to have my forehead injected just a tiny bit. I think botox is a great anti-aging tool, if used correctly, meaning a moderate amount and in the right placed and injected by an experienced physician (I went to a specialized practice here in Switzerland) that does botox and fillers ONLY.

Botox needs strategic placement

Since my first review, I have had botox another 4-5 times, always about 4-6 months in between treatments. I tried out different areas such as the crows feet, forehead, eyebrows and under eyes. While it has done wonders for my 11s (and lasts longer too now, at least 6 months), I personally didn't like it in the other areas. When I had it in the forehead, I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my head. When I had it in my eyebrows, I looked quizzical all the time. Around my eyes, it made my eyebags worse (the lymphatic fluid builds up more since the muscles don't work as well there). It also made my eyes feel dry and I started having problems with my contacts. So, my final conclusion on this has been that a little goes a long way with botox. Relaxing my 11s has reduced my tension-relared headaches and still makes me look natural without causing any adverse side effects. As to other areas, I like to be able to screw up my face and I found that 'no wrinkles does NOT make you look younger. In fact, a lack of muscle tension can make you look older and a little bit fake.


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