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I had liposuction on my upper and lower abs as i...

I had liposuction on my upper and lower abs as i was a 34 waist and couldnt seem to lose my belly even when i dropped 2 trouser sizes. So its been a month since i did the procedure. On taking off my garment after 24hr it looked great, then it began to swell within in seconds before my eyes and my belly has been sticking out every since then. Im not sure if im suppose to be swollen this long and like this, or if this is build up of fluid and i dont go back to my dr for another 2 months for a catch up. I feel like i wasted my money and i am trying to be patient. I an now a 32 waist, i do 4 mile runs twice a week and come close to eating no carbs, my source of carbs are plain home made popcorn as a snack and shredded wheat for breakfast. The rest of all i eat are stir fries with 1 calorie spray oil etc. I have posted on here before to ask questions and the Dr all say to wait, im a research scientist and i just know ive gone past the waiting phase and should see results. I would like to know from the other people who have done it did you belly still look significantly bigger or almost the same as b4 the surgery by the end of your first month? All i have to show for the surgery are 6 packs imprinted on a pot belly, i am not happy and broke. Im keeping my wieght down as low as possible so that when i go for my check no one can say i had been hanging out at KFC. I think it could be seroma, but i dont believe it can make my belly this big. The pics have been attacked. One with me sucking it in and the other as my belly looks. I should have freaking done vaser all the fat would have been melted but the Dr convinced me to do pure tumescent lipo. Im broke and still cant walk shirt less oh and all my trousers are falling off my waist and i mean all.

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