MACS Facelift with Neck Lift and Fat Transfer

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I had a wonderful experience having a face lift in...

I had a wonderful experience having a face lift in Sweden September 2009. This is my home, although I now live in California, so I don't know if it qualifies as "medical tourism". However, because of the excellent care, high quality of medical care in Sweden in case of complications, and very reasonable prices, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in cosmetic surgery and is willing to travel. As an RN/NP myself, I was impressed with the care compared to other cosmetic surgery experiences I have had in the U.S.

I had a MACS facelift with neck lip and fat transfers to cheekbones and upper eye 4 months ago. Generally I'm very pleased with results. My only complaint is redness of the skin between ear and cheek bone and down towards jaw. Area is about 2"x 3" on both sides. When I look at it in magnification mirror there are many, many tiny broken vessels. Will this improve in time? I am currently using Obagi with Retin A .05% on it. Should I look into having laser treatments? I have discussed this with my doctor, but would like some additional MD opinions if possible.
Dr Disa Lidman, Ostersjokliniken

Incredibly thorough and experienced, down-to-earth, with wonderful R.N. staff in the clinic.

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