Mohs Surgery Horror! 3.1cm Hole Left in Forehead- Told to Wash/apply Vaseline/change Bandage Daily 2-3 Months!

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Was led to believe I would leave with a few...

Was led to believe I would leave with a few "dissolving" stitches/minimal scar! Wasn't told 1/2 my forehead down to the skull left as an open wound I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF was a possibility! I wasn't offered a referral to cancer Dr or any other treatment options! I can't even LOOK it w/o fainting! Doctor Did not inform me of possible adverse outcomes/ NO CONSULTATION prior to surgery! Did not ask health conditions that might affect outcome. No blood test was done to ascertain if I already had a current infection. Was not offered referral to cancer Dr or given other treatment options. Was shown a dime-sized area that was SUPPOSED to be removed & ended up with 31mm- 1/2 my forehead missing to bone & left as open wound & told to wash hole out, apply Vaseline & replace bandage DAILY for 2-3 months!! Was refused to be given antibiotics. Was not told during procedure that IF SHE CONTINUED- THIS WOULD BE THE OUTCOME/not given option to HALT PROCEDURE & seek other treatment options!! How does a 10-12mm area turn into a 31mm DEEP HOLE in two scrapings? And why can't I let it form a scab & heal normally???
Dermatology Associates of GA

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