Very pleased with my results - Second Time Around - Suwanee, GA

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I have schedule my appointment with Dr. Jimerson...

I have schedule my appointment with Dr. Jimerson and paid for my procedure. Contrary to what people have posted you can still get an appointment in 2013 if you can pay in full at the time of scheduling. Looking forward to my procedure. Before photos coming soon. It was a little more than I anticipated 11900.00 but for the work I have seen I think it will be worth it. However that is for fat being added to the hips. I have set up aftercare with an organization referred by the office since I will be there 3 days until my fiancée can accompany me.

Second time around

My procedure was one week ago to the date thus far I ma very pleased with my results. Had 750 ccs into buttocks and 200 into each hip. My pre weight was 163 I was told to gain 10-15 pounds. I was only able to gain about 9 though. my healing process is going well the drain was taken out today. I hope all the fat stays. will post op pics soon,

After Surgery

After surgery

More pics

One week later

Finally found something that I could fit.

before photo

One of the before photos

Second time around

I have followed my aftercare instructions down to the smallest details. I just don't see a big difference 750 ccs didn't go a long way a guess. However I had high hopes. Also it depends on what clothes I wear some pants can make you look flat us unless you have a super big butt. I hear a lot about its going fluff. I have not seem no fluff yet. and I still don know what fluffing is. It is becoming softer still hard in some places. I am using the boppi pillow to sit but only for a few hours out of the day.

Initial consultation with Sarah went well. She explained what results I would reasonably get and how close to my wish list photos I would be.

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