I Made my Decision..and I'm Going to Get the Lovely BBL

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So where do I begin?! Growing up I've always...

So where do I begin?!

Growing up I've always been a thick girl but recently I became unhappy with the thickness. Being a size 11-12 became depressing to me for some reason. So I lost the weight. Now I'm happy BUT I lost my butt and a little volume in my breast.

At first I was working on my butt trying to get it back but doesn't seem as if anything (squats, lunges etc) is working. I started looking into BBL and I must say I am impressed. I was so naive to what females were doing. The whole time I'm like dang she got a banging body and the whole time it was BBL (not too sure but more than likely yup, lol).

So with that said I've been doing some research and I'm happy to say BBL is the way I'm headed. When? Not sure. Who? I was between Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimerson and I decided Dr. Jimerson. Why? Results! Facility reviews! Staff reviews! Location! And more....

What's holding me back? Nervousness. I have a very intense job that requires a lot of strenuous work and sometimes a lot of sitting. Ladies who received the BBL already has me so scared of sitting and that's something I do a lot at work, in the office and car (car is my second office). But I have made a tiny step and contacted Dr. J's office.

Concern- so remember I said I lost weight, now my issue is I may not have enough fat. Grrrr. Hoping I do cuz if I don't guess I'll be packing that weight back on. Hopefully I don't. I'm going to do a consultation and see what's Dr. J's suggestions and take it from there. But I'll def keep you ladies posted as I stay posted on yours.

I'll post pics ASAP.

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