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Oka I have been wanting this Brazilian butt lift...

oka I have been wanting this Brazilian butt lift for a long time. Tomorrow I have a Consultation with Dr.Jimerson his pictures is amazing OMG!!!! I can wait........I think I want to have my procedure in November near my birthday.I just have so many questions to as him. The main Question is How long will it take for me to heal bc I have to go back to work soon after.I am so excited, even though he cost a lot its worth it REAlly. I have research for doctors in the SC,GA,NC area and he is the best. I want at least 900 cc in each butt cheek. I weight 150pds 5'5. I hope every thing goes well tommrow. 8/16/12

Ok I went to dr. jemerson office I had to wait for...

ok I went to dr. jemerson office I had to wait for about 10mins to feel out paperwork.Its was so many people their.but I spoke with 2 differnt nurses and they were very nice .I told told her I want 900cc in each cheek.She had told me everything I had needed to know and how long my body would recovery which was like 3 months or so then I can return back to work.she was really nice the y quoted me 9,500.00 which is very very high but I feel like its worth it hopefully I was get approve for the loan.The nurse that was there took picture of my whole body and dr.jermerson came in and told me he would be able to put 900 cc in each cheek.So am not positive of what date I want to have this done but I do want it in november and i know i need to but my desposit down asap.when I was walking out of the office I see a girl with these tight ass pants on with a hugh booty I was like WOW!!! thats look really then another lady was coming out of the office and she look life less. she had got your booty done bc they had to lay her down on her smoatch in the car she look like she was in so much pain.........but I will put up picture soon before.......and after bye my big booty
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