Dr. Jimerson Give me my assssss Back!! See you in 7 days to make this booty POP!

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I'm excited! I've scheduled my appt for December...

I'm excited! I've scheduled my appt for December 14th 2012 with dr J! It's been a long journey of thinking and picking which surgeon to undergo this invasive procedure with and finally I have chosen Dr. J. Many would say i Have a nice shape now..,,but I hope with Gods grace dr Jimerson can transform for Christmas!

I work out a lot. And it's frustrating not to achieve goals I'm looking for. Right now I'm about 5'7 195. 36DD. 34. 52. I really want to loose 4 of my waist and get my ass. I'm really hippie. But I want that projection. That pokes out! I do sit ups. Squats. Run. U name it. This time with this procedure I have dr I gets me the body of my dreams.

I want to add pics but somehow my iPad isn't letting me?
Ooh and anyone looking to shack up in dec ? If youre doing ur sx at that time we can share a hotel and go thru the pains and joys together!

I just realized I hav like 2months left! I booked...

I just realized I hav like 2months left! I booked my flight but tomorrow I want to figure the hotel. I'm so nervous. I've tried reaching dr j office for Monica bu damn no one returns any calls. I don't like that. I wonder if lipo gets you like flabby skin. I'm so afraid of even looser skin due to lack of elasticity. Di J pics online who so amazing mi thought they were photoshopped. I wish he can provide me with the same. 9g is a lot to spend. I need it to to be out this world! Well I am dieting. Anyone know how to loose 10 pounds in 2 months? Lol.

Ok so I just booked my hotel. My vitamins are in....

Ok so I just booked my hotel. My vitamins are in. Flight complete. Omg. It's official. I need to my blood work 2weeks before my sx so I will do it right after Thanksgiving. I'm trying to see if my BFF will go with me or I will be all alone. I'm a survivor and I have a good supporter friend on here. Shes a doll, thank god for this site.

I need dr J to make my fat PHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much studying guys, I will keep y'all posted

6 week and the magic occurs. I'm so elated. Still...

6 week and the magic occurs. I'm so elated. Still working on another 10 pounds to loos ladies. If anyone has ideas plllzzz put me on. Thus far gym cardio jogging and water and prune juice. Idk what else. I'm 5'7.5 210. I want to 200 because my weigh I well distributed. Measurements now. 34DD 33 52. My hips have been going down from all this cardio and I'm tight because. Didn't add hip to for J sx. Nursing school is kicking my ass and I can't fully once treat honking about sx. So ladies plz advice on pulls? Vitamins? To assist. Will keep y'all abreast.

Man prayers to those affected by Storm Sandy.

Election Day! Everyone please vote... For Obama...

Election Day! Everyone please vote... For Obama :-)

So I'm wondering how my labs will e taken care of. Should I go to my dr n just ask to fill this out and the he bills my insurance? Ugh someone plllzzz help me

I've been having slight chest pain. I'm so cared that this might show up on my EKG lab. Ugh th evil is a liar. Don't need nothing setting me back

Ideally can't wait to have m butt back. Having it and loosing it because of stupid diets is so hurtful.

Got everything I need except my gauges and urinal....

Got everything I need except my gauges and urinal. I think I like the McDonald cup idea I read on someone's pg. urinals don't appear to be comfy. My BFF is coming so I don't need to hire a nurse. Thank goodness because her flight was only $240 as supposed to like $600 for a nurse.

God is gooooood I have been cleared and good to go. Both Monica and Azziza called me. I made my last credit payment today and wrap up these finals. Eave everything in God's hands. In him I put all my faith and confidence.

Good luck to all the women having surgeries this week!!

Los. Monica had her sx and she looks like CoCo!...

Los. Monica had her sx and she looks like CoCo! She's fuckin awesome. It's the one on his website who's wearing black pants and a white shirt on the first pg I believe. Oooooh thank you Jesus Ian ready. I've beeeeeeeeeen ready
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

After lots of research. His website. Facebook. And live stories, I've made my decision. Thank you Jesus!

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