Round 275cc Silicone Unders - Surrey, UK

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I'm three weeks post op and it's taken me this...

I'm three weeks post op and it's taken me this long to work out how to write a proper post, eek!
I had round 275cc silicone implants under the muscle. I pretty much had no boobies to start with, and I'm hoping to be a full B or small C when all is settled :)
I'm around 5'5 and 120lbs, (actually I'm probably a little more than 120lbs now... No exercise but I'm still eating like I'm in the gym every day. Uh oh) with a fairly narrow chest width (10.5cm each side). I carry most of my weight below my waist and had very little of anything on top! Even the layer of skin was thin, and in certain lights you could see my ribs across my chest - not attractive. I was so out-of-proportion as I've got athletic legs and a ghetto booty (not meant to offend anyone!).
My op was straight forwards but I was quite sick afterwards so I stayed in overnight and had a few anti-sickness injections and pills. I went home in the afternoon of the next day, 32 hours after the op.
Days 2-6 were pretty sore but I managed with only standard pain meds (acetominaphen / paracetamol), and stopped those at day 5.
I struggled to wash my hair and took three days before I could wash it (very gently over the bath, then stuck my head under the tap to rinse - I couldn't lift the shower head). By the end of week 1 I was able to wash my hair in the shower and dress myself. Sleeping propped up on my back lasted two weeks and that was a nuisance, glad that's over!
I can cook and look after myself without any help now, but don't turn down the help offered to me ;)
This is a brief run through of the past 3 weeks, I'll post more detailed posts in the next few days, just in case they're of any help to anybody :)
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