Non Surgical Nose Job - Calgary, AB

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After extensively researching this subject, i...

After extensively researching this subject, i finally found a doctor that would do it. I live in Calgary, Canada, and there are very few practitioners of this procedure--i found, at least with noses. The doctors (husband and wife team) and the nurse all were there at my appointment. All four of us were bouncing ideas about how my nose was going to look. This was such a wonderful process because it prevented any kind of over filling. The final decision was mine obviously.

They used a topical anesthetic, and just to be sure added a spray of novocaine after. I did not feel any apin at all. I had filler placed in my lower bridge area and the tip. After the novocaine wore off, i felt a bit of throbbing on my nose; almost like what you get a sinus infection. Today, my nose is still quite red and tender where they have injected. But otherwise manageable.

The pros:
I think this is an excellent procedure for those who want to enhance their noses. I did not want anything drastic so this was wonderful for me. Truth is i was at a meeting with clients today who see me often and no one said a thing. It was quick and painless. Blends in quite well with your face.

The con:
I guess if you are looking for a drastic change, this will not do it because the changes are really subtle. You need to find a doctor experienced in dermal fillers and specifically ones that understand the anatomy and art of enhancing the nose in proportion to the face. This was not easy to find.

I love my enhanced nose. I can't wait for the redness to go away so i can truly see the result.

The amount of juvederm plus injected on my nose...

The amount of juvederm plus injected on my nose was 1 cc.
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