Super Results with Botox in Forehead

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After years of abusing myself in the sun, my...

After years of abusing myself in the sun, my 37-year old forehead was terribly wrinkled... to make matters worse, the furrows were dark and discolored from surface sun damage. To correct this and prevent further wrinkling, I have stopped sunbathing and started a series of microdermabrasion treatments along with Botox. The injections were mildly uncomfortable (mostly from my own fright!), but not painful. I had some mild red spots at the injection sites, but they were gone the next day. It took a few days for the results to become apparent (which is normal), but when the Botox took effect it was visibly SMOOTH. I don't have an artificial look at all-- it's just youthful. I highly recommend this! I'm not worried about pulling my bangs back now... and if I was worried, you wouldn't be able to tell it! :-)

Go for it! You'll be so glad you did!

Update:  I just had Botox injected for the...


I just had Botox injected for the second time (total of 30 units, 15 injections) with much the same experience as my first time.  I had some mild tenderness at the injection sites afterward (forehead a bit sore but doesn't hurt unless I touch it, and there's a very faint, small bruise where one of the needles penetrated). 

This time, I also had a few injections adjacent to / along the outer area of the eye, plus a couple below the eyelid.  I'm told that the under-eye injections sometimes work and sometimes don't, but time will tell (that's one thing about time... it always "tells", right?)

Overall, the discomfort with Botox is very minimal-- especially in relation to the phenomenal results.  If I had to list a negative, it's just that the effect is temporary.  Ok, and that it's not free... !  But it doesn't look artificial the way I thought it might (in fact, those who don't know won't suspect a thing, except to think that your skin looks nice!)  Again, don't be alarmed if it takes a few days to see the results... it will kick in all at once, and you will love what it does to relax the lines that are driving you crazy! 

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