Cheek Implants on New Years Eve - Sugar Land, TX NOT worth it. EPIC FAIL (AVOID Dr. Nguyen like the plague...)

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Ok, its raining outside, nothing to thats...

Ok, its raining outside, nothing to thats why im writing this review. Im taking a break from Youtube....ok, so....I had these done last year, new years eve. Im somewhat satisfied with results but...I feel as if they are too small and he even agreed when I went back to discuss it with him. He told me that he will put in bigger implants this summer when I go back. Actually, its in August, cause he wanted me to wait 8 months for the swelling to dissipate before I move forward with a revision....He was nice about it, which was good. I was scared that he would be mad that I wasn't happy with the results...I can't wait to get them re-done because I feel like my cheekbones, or lack-thereof is what is preventing me from getting the look that I want. Two months to go....yay...

Does this look like somebody who had cheek implants? LOL

I have no cheekbones, even after he supposedly put an implant in there. Look at how flat it is. I paid 10k for no improvement.

It's been 8 months since the surgery

I didn't start getting angry about the outcome of this procedure until recently, cause I was still planning on getting a revision through this same doctor, but...after hearing all the other surgeons I've seen since then, and having them all refer me to other doctors, it changed my feelings about this 100%. Ughh, I just feel like the anger slowly built up from the first day that I seen my reflection after this surgery, and it eventually spilled over and I can't ignore the angry feelings I get every time I look back on this surgery and look into the mirror. I can't stress enough that my cheekbones look EXACTLY the same now as they did before, and it cost me 10,000 dollars! ! ! I basically threw away 10k just to get sedated and be swollen for 3 months, having no results in the end! NO results! ! These doctors shouldnt be able to get away with this. I will continue to spread the word on HERE and on social media to NOT see Dr. Nguyen. I'm living proof that his procedures have a high failure rate, and they are seriously over-priced. For God's sake, the surgeon across the street offered to give me cheek implants for 4300 dollars, all fees included!! I should have took the offer, they were nice to me too, the staff and the surgeon, something I NEVER experienced at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. I can't stand the fact that Dr. Nguyen and his staff are lying to people and trying to make him out to be the best surgeon in the world through SELF-PROMOTION. That's all they are doing! Once you take away the social media posts, the fancy office, the articles in obscure magazines, the suit and the tie, there's really NOTHING there. And I'm living proof that he's not what they make him out to be. Ya know, I didn't wanna write all this about Dr. Nguyen, cause at least he was kind of nice to me, but...I don't even care anymore. Nobody else should have to suffer like I huge sums of cash and get no results in the end, only to get dismissed and disrespected through the whole journey. But ya know...I gotta thank all those people who treat me bad, cause they only make me stronger in the end. Have a nice day.

the dreaded after-pic

This photo proves that my cheek implant procedure did absolutely nothing. Notice how flat and under-developed it still is.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He's nice and all and I feel like he truly wanted to give me the results I had in mind but I can't help but feel like I only paid for "the experience" with this surgery and not the actual results. I'm not really angry or anythin' (well), i was just hopin' for a little more "bang for my buck". I didn't get that. My cheeks still look 'xactly the same now as they did before. I'm gettin' JAW implants a week from right now and I hope I don't have to 'xperience the same disappointment that I did with this surgery or I'm DONE. I knew when they showed me the mirror, 'cause thats the first thing I asked for, when I was still knocked out from anesthesia, that I was goin' to be disappointed. I think they seen my reaction too after I saw my face and knew I wasn't happy. I was SO angry inside when I see my reflection, words can't describe it, it's like a searing, burning anger and I STILL have anger inside of me from bein' let down from this stupid surgery almost a year later. So I paid 10k and got 200 dollar results. Hahaha!@!! I sometimes secretly wish the doctor who performed this procedure and his staff would come on here and read up this f'ing rant....'cause ya know.....I'm not "brave" enough to say all this in person. I think I jus' have a lot of anger inside of me because I didn't get what I had hoped for. And I can't help but feel like they price GOUGED me. 10,000 dollars for cheek implants that made no difference whatsoever? WOW. I've been on websites of surgeons who are the BEST in Houston and the BEST in the country and they only charge about 6k for the same procedure (and I know this because they listed it one their website).....Here's the link:....... go: Dr. Kridel is one of the most proficient surgeons in Houston and maybe even the country from what I've read and heard and he only charges 6,000 for cheek implants, so why did I have to pay 10K for mine with Dr. Nguyen and didn't get any results? No results? Nothing? I should have went to Dr. Kridel first, for my nose AND my cheek implants. It was bad luck running into Dr Nguyen. Surgery Day: The day of the surgery I was sittin' in the waiting room for two and a half HOURS! GODDAMINT. I felt REAL special! The doctor came in after an hour and a half and only talked to me for 30 seconds before leaving. Agh! Part of me wanted to just get up and walk out cause I felt like I was low on the priority list, jesus f'ing christ. I'm thinkin' maybe I should have! I HAD a consultation on the 4th of August to discuss a revision, ain't gonna happen. I'm so done. So, if one of his staff members reads this...(I had a consult at 2pm on the 4th of August, cancel it please). I don't even want to call that place again, and I won't!! I will never set foot in that place ever again! !! All they did was steal my money and try to convince me to like my results even when I didn't like them.!! Ugh, sometimes I feel like just coming on here and writing this negative review isn't enough..but what else can I do? I hope they go out of business one day! Then I'll be the one laughing and smirking. Oh and I can't help but feel like they didn't want me there from the get go. I wasn't fancy enough for their tacky office. I'll get my revenge one way or another, I'll prove it not only to them but everybody else eventually. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get what I want in the end, lol. "NEVER SAY DIE...."

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