35 Yo (Mother of 2) Getting a Breast Lift & Implants and Lipo of the Hips, Arms, and Inner Thighs - Sugar Land, TX

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4 days until my procedure, I'm writing this hoping...

4 days until my procedure, I'm writing this hoping to help anyone who might want to undergo these procedures as I document my journey.
I had a tummy tuck 10 years ago and my biggest regret was to not have gotten my breasts done then. I exercise 3-5 days a week, mostly jogging, and eat healthy but can never seem to lose weight on my thighs and arms. Lately, possibly due to age(?), I've started gaining weight in my hips as well causing my butt to look square. :( After doing lots of research I decided this is the year to get my body back! I am nervous about having all of the procedures at once, but both my general practitioner and plastic surgeon have assured me that it's safe. I'm going to have an IV sedation as opposed to the general sedation I had with my tummy tuck. The procedure will take place in the surgeon's surgical center located adjacent to his office, which is located in the same building as one of the local hospitals.
At my pre-op appointment (6/12/14)they had me pay first (well played) then read through a list of all of the complications that could happen and sign for consent. Once back I the room, they took my blood pressure (which was higher than normal, I guess due to dropping all that money and reading all that could go wrong), weight, drew blood and gave me my prescriptions. My prescriptions include: Keflex (an antibiotic), Valium, Hydrocodone, Phenergan, Colace, and Lovenox. Yikes! With my TT I only took an antibiotic and Tylenol for pain. When the doctor came in he had me try in the implants again because I had originally chosen silicone, then decided on saline. Finally, he took pictures (I got a discount for allowing him to use the pictures on his website). So, tomorrow I will get the prescriptions filled and Monday I will go shopping for my post surgery meals and supplies. I will post a list of what I bought on Monday as I'm still researching what I'll need!
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