23 Year Old Ultimate Breast Lift - Sugar Land, TX

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Hey. Before having my surgery, all I did was read...

Hey. Before having my surgery, all I did was read reviews on here so I wanted to post one so I can help others. I am 23 years old, 153lbs, 5'2. I have had sagging breast all my life. I started researching doctors while I was in college and all of them wanted me to have the anchor scar, which is too much scaring for me. I came across reviews for Dr Horndeski and loved that his procedure had minimal scarring and I can have upper fullness without implants. We had a Skype consultation and I then scheduled my surgery and put down my $1,000 deposit to hold my surgery date.Dr. Horndeski is nice but not really social. On day 3 post surgery, I experienced a lot of swelling. I was scared that my incisions would come sport because the swelling was so harsh. I called Lisa, the physician assistant, but she was not really helpful. She told me that I just have to let my breast be swollen and could not give me a time frame of when the swelling would go down. My drains came out 3 days after surgery and it was painful. No one really addresses the removal of the drains in their reviews but I found the removal process to be painful. But once it is done, you feel ten times better without those drains irritating your arm pits. I guess I just have a low pain tolerance. The procedure takes 4-5 hours to perform. Before the procedure, I asked to be a D cup but I think I am more of a C cup now which is a little small but not going to complain, as long as they are not sagging. After surgery, the anesthesia made me very nauseous. If you are staying at staybridge, which is a really nice place to stay,the hospital is an hour away from there. I cannot wait until the swelling goes down so I can wear backless tops and dresses and triangle bikini tops. I am definitely glad I went through with this.

Before surgery pics

Here are before surgery pictures. I don't miss them lol

2 weeks post

Hey guys. I had been two weeks since my surgery. Swelling is way better. But still swollen and hard above my pectoral muscles. I still sleep elevated but swelling is the worst in the morning. Looks like I am healing nicely. I am scared to touch my incisions because I don't want to cause an infection. I am washing my breast now. I got the Okay from Elisa. I am just letting the steri strips come off on their own. I am noticing that my right breast is way smaller than my left breast. I prayed that something like this would not happen because I don't want to go back under anesthesia. However, I am still swollen so this can change. Is it that noticeable?? I understand that they can't be perfect so if there is a small difference on size, I am not going to fly all the way back to tx for that. And Dr. Horndeski did say he had to do more work on my right breast because it was larger before my surgery, so maybe there is more swelling due to that. Oh well, it could be worse. I didn't want dog ears either and my incisions are healing nicely. Also, if you plan to have surgery, remember to send Elisa pictures every week. I didn't know this until she scolded me that she needs to see my process or a revision cannot be made. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Before this surgery, I researched and read reviews for at least 2 years and always looked for the most detailed reviews and the ones with pictures. I have been trying to be as detailed as possible. As far as now, I don't really touch the breast. I don't take any medicine, nothing. I just bathe, put my bra on, and get ready for work. I hand wash my bras. I drink spinach, carrot, blueberry smoothies in the mornings. And take my women's vitamins. I am so ready to work out again. I am just ready to be completely healed and not swollen anymore. But I am glad that I did this. I am not self conscious about my breasts anymore. I can wear anything that I want. I can go bra-less. I can workout with JUST a sports bra on. I definitely noticed a difference in my back. I notice that my skin is not the object holding up my breast anymore, it's my muscles. I thought sleeping in a bra would be miserable but it is not bad. I have gotten used to it. I hoped this helps you guys interested in having this surgery. I will keep you updated. I have gotten to the place where I know I just need to give my body time to heal. I cannot rush it.

2 1/2 weeks post

Hey Guys! I am 2 & 1/2 weeks post. My breast are healing well. I was a 34 DD, now I am a 34 D with swelling. They still are swollen around the muscle but I am so used to it now, I do not even notice. My skin is peeling a lot. I have tons of dead skin when I wake up everyday. I guess that is part of the healing process. Some of my stitches are falling off, which is good. I am noticing that my areoles has scarring around it, which sucks. I have some Kelcote scar ointment that I will put around it as soon as I get the okay from the doctor. I am washing my breast in the shower now, which feels good. Just for you all that are considering having this surgery, you may wake up with random scars around your body. I have small scars on my neck and stomach and sides, which is weird. But I feel good. Loving that my body is healing and I am feeling more and more like myself again. Next week I will post pictures in clothes so yall can see how they look. I cannot express how glad I am that I did this surgery. Yes, you may have scars. And yes, it takes a while to heal. And yes, your breasts may not be perfect, but it all beats having no saggy, unattractive, heavy breasts. I look so different in tops and dresses. I love it. If you have questions, ask me anything! I want to help. I wish I knew someone that I could just ask a ton of questions to before I had my surgery so I would know what to expect.

Almost 5 months Post

Hi Guys! Just and update on my breast. I am about a 3 days shy of being 5 months post. Yayy !!! Here are some pics. The breast have dropped a little, which is normal. I have a pointed edge on my right breast and it is due to my scar. I asked the physician assistant what I could do about it and she just said give it time. I love my new breast. I love having the option to not wear a bra sometimes. I love how I look in bikini tops. Right now, I am a 34 D. I do have bras that are a 34 C. Sometimes those bras work, sometimes they are just a tad to small in the cup size. I don't feel any pain. Sometimes, while sleeping, if I raised my arm the wrong way or moved in the wrong position, I would feel a weird, very small pain on the inside of my breast. I am sure it was due to inside incisions healing. I no longer feel it. I hate the scarring I have around my aerola. I wish he would have cleaned that area properly before putting my bandages on. I have seen other patients that have not had scarring like this. But, it is what it is. Let me know if you guys have questions. Overall, I love my new breasts and wish I would have done the procedure wayyyyy sooner.

1 year 4 months post

Well, I will try to provide pictures soon. While working out about 6 months ago, a muscle was strained or torn in my left breast. Now, anytime I go without a bra, I experience a lot of pain in my upper chest. I have been wearing a bra 24/7 for about the past 2 months but it has not healed. Even when taking off my bra to take a shower, I feel discomfort. I was told to wear a bra and let the muscle heal on its own, but I am getting nervous because I don't see any results. And I don't want to go under the knife again. I wasn't doing an extremely strenuous workout. It is sad that after I was declared fully healed, that this could have happened to me. I can tell it is something wrong with the upper portion of the sling that was created to hold my breast up. Something is out of place that is causing pain when my chest muscle is in use. There isn't any discoloration. There is slight swelling but not enough to notice.I pray this heals on its own. But other than that, no other issues. They have healed nicely. One breasts is Noticable smaller than the other but Elisa said that can be fixed.

Pain in left breast ever since surgery

Here is a quick update on how my breasts I've been doing. Every since about six months after my surgery, I have had a pain in my left breast whenever I am not wearing a bra. I told Dr. Horndeski about this , and he said to get an MRI. After I saved up enough money to get an MRI, I sent it to Dr. Horndeski. He then called me and told me that the MRI looks fine and there's no issues and I just have to wear a bra, I guess for the rest of my life. The conversation lasted under two minutes. I would not recommend that anyone use this surgeon. I think that the math it is a great concept, I love not having a vertical scar. But being in pain after my surgery is not what I paid for. He also said that my breast may be too heavy. If this is the case, this surgery should have never happened. I have been dealing with this pain for two years now. I encourage you to please look for a different surgeon if you are looking at Dr. Horndeski.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horndeski is very knowledgeable on the procedure. Uses engineering methods to form the breast. It is genius. Downfalls: Seemed like he was busy. I didn't talk to him much. I was late going back into surgery. Also, my breast are noticeably uneven. Right breast is smaller than the left, which may change after swelling goes down. that is one thing I prayed would not happen when I get out of surgery, having uneven breast or uneven areoles. The office is really nice and staff was very sweet and caring. The physician assistant,Elisa, was helpful as well.

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