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Just had my second Ematrix treatment today. Was on...

Just had my second Ematrix treatment today. Was on level C today but less painful and I'm less red than the first session, at level B. I have one more scheduled for one month from today.

I had a lot of peeling that was hard to hide with make up which made me self-conscious at work, but my skin was much more clear and smooth afterwards. Although it did nothing to slow the blackheads down. It did seem to expose them though, and I'm thinking of scheduling an extraction next week to take advantage of it.

I'm hoping to get rid of some crepiness in my cheeks and tighten up my jaw line and eyelids (by tightening and lifting the forehead). I'm assuming due to the nature of the process, more damage below the skin than on the surface, that the full results will take 6 months. I'm thinking the real test will be the before and after pictures they take.

So quite painful in the short run, definitely a few days of redness and for me some serious and unusual flaking, but I think it's having a result. The toughest to achieve is tightening, but that will also be the hardest to notice.

Well it's just been 3 days since my second...

Well it's just been 3 days since my second treatment and the healing is much faster this time. Being at work was no problem. I still have the grid marks all over my face but I imagine they'll be gone in another two days.

Can't say anything about results yet, but i'll report back in a week or two.

It's been a little over a week since my second...

It's been a little over a week since my second treatment and while my skin looks clearer and fresher, there haven't been any real improvements to crepeyness or wrinkles. Additionally, my pores are still quite large and i've got acne along the jawline.

They said that it would take three treatments, each more powerful than the last.

I'll update after the next treatment to comment on the process and also on any improvements.
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