23 yrs old, 5'4,110lbs. No Kids, 30A? 325cc HP silicone round inframammary incision Under Muscle. Sudbury, ON

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I'm 23 Years, have been flat for years. Knew in...

I'm 23 Years, have been flat for years. Knew in high school I was not going to fill out. My mom got implants 10 years ago and has been supportive of my plans for surgery. I'm currently 32b but can also wear an a cup. Had my consult with Dr barr in February of this year. I decided on 300cc however he recommended I go 25cc larger since I'm going under the muscle. Has anyone been told to add extra for that reason? So Nervous I'll look huge. I'm only 5?4 and 110lbs. I schedules my surgery for June 15th 2015! I've been freaking out! Excited bur nervous! I don't want people to notice. My boyfriend is not very supportive on the idea but seems to be coming around. I'm not doing it for anyone but myself. Tired of feeling insecure in bathing suits and clothing! Any advice before the big day!

Wish boobs and rice sizers

Lab tests

Got my blood work today, officially 26 days till my surgery. Had to ensure my blood work was done three weeks prior to surgery. Feeling nervous, lots of nightmares of things going wrong. Lack of sleep from worrying. Spending the day buying things to prepare for the day and recovery period. Anyone else close to their date?!


Here's a few things I have bought for my recovery:
-new luggage bag as I will be going out of town for surgery
-travel pillow
-bendable straws
-fuzzy socks
-baby wipes
-dry shampoo
-water bottle
-lip balm
-Tylenol extra strength day and nighttime
Also bought a few bras but won't be able to use them until a few weeks after surgery anyways. And I have a lot of zip up sweaters and sweat pants.


Debating on size!

After reading further reviews on 325cc starting to worry it may be too big. I loved 300cc but I realize to look thay way I must go up in size. Stressful, I have till the first of June to decide, anyone have input!?

Breast augmentation recovery kit and silicone scar tape

Bought Edens Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit! It's all natural and helps reduce post op swelling/bruising, scars etc! Great reviews but on the pricey side but I'm sure it's worth it. She also has a great website for those considering augmentation.http://edenknowsimplants.com
Kit includes:
-Eden’s Boobie Bath
-Eden’s Scar Salve
-Eden’s Boobie Butte
-Arnica Montana
-100% Pure Bromelain
-100% Pure Quercetin
Also purchased mepitac silicone scar tape, have read really great reviews!

Decided on size! Sticking to 325cc

So finally decided to stick with 325cc so I get the look of 300cc. Of I choose 300cc I'd look more like a 275 which I didn't like at all. I wear a triple push up everyday so I qant that look. I feel like I measure more of a 32aa since I wear a 32b and I get a huge gap (see pic). One of the things I'm looking forward to! Filling out bras! Eii 17 more days

Prescriptions and more purchases

Officially 8 days away! Feeling nervous and excited. So thankfully my mom will be with me through this. I fulled my prescriptions today and also bought smooth move tea for constipation from my pain meds. Thanks for the suggest from another real self girl! Also bought nipple cream, apparently works well for sensitive nipples when showering and having to wear a tight recovery bra! Awkward purchases but will be helpful! Was able to find the cream and tea at shoppers drug mart if anyone is interested

Pre op pics

Thought since the day is nearing I should upload more pictures of what I look like now. I have been panicking if I should go forth with surgery. Just to get use to a larger chest might be odd and I don't want my surgery to be noticeable but at the time time I didn't want to not get a size I liked most????. This process is very emotional especially when you're scared how the person you love will react. I may post more pictures. I'm assuming I'm a 32b ad that's what I wear but iam probably more of an a cup. I was told I will be a small D cup once I'm done healing. 32d sounds so big!y chest is pretty bony up top so I'm hoping high profile helps with that. Love and support has been very appreciated!

Pre op size, 30A!

I've never been properly fitted, I did my own measurements and checked online and YouTube videos to see if I was doing it correct! No wonder my bras don't fit, Iam actually a 30A not a 32b. I attached how to do the measurements that I found in YouTube and also the Victoria secrets website bra size calculator

Boob job prep!

5 days away from the day! I've been working everyday so far this week so my stress level is pretty high. People have been asking why I'm off for two weeks! Why are people so nosey, has anyone else had to deal with this? Iam a very private person and don't want people knowing. So far I've started showering with my boobie bath all natural with healing oils. Suppose to use it 7 days before and after. Followed by boobie butter, helps prevent stretch marks and helps for quicker healing! So far loving it even if the butter is a bit greasy.

3 days till thw date

Love the support from this website. Currently 3 days till surgery. Iam up pretty late, my bf is srill questioning my surgery which is making me very upset hence why I haven't been sleeping. Also probably has alot to do with why I'm questioning my surgery and everything! Just want to cry. Hoping things are better on the other side.

Surgery time scheduled!

Just heard from the patient Cordinator. My surgery is June 15th and iam scheduled for 8am! To arrive at 7:15, I arrive to a private enterance and leave through the same area. My surgeon has his own office and OR which is a bonus as I want everything to be private and comforting. My surgery will be about an hour and 15 mins. I'll be out by 10:30 and back to my hotel! I'll keep you all posted

1 day!

One day away from it all. Don't feel like it's real. I'm sure It will once I'm in the office getting marked up and prepped for surgery! Crazy, my friends and family have been so supportive. I'm surprised I'm not more nervous. I just want it over with. I feel I have a high pain tolerance as my parents too. I've been under foe My wisdom teeth so I'm not worried about that. I didn't even take pain meds after that surgery. Mostly because I get sick off most pain meds. Hoping diluadid doesn't bother me! I've worked 4 nights this week. On my last right now! Leaving for Sudbury on the 14th. See attached pics for clothing I can't wait to wear!

Day before!

Just made it to my hotel with my parents. Got my own huge bed and I love it! Not too nervous bow that I'm here with my parents and out of an unsupportive environment. Love my parents. Just about to go for dinner together and then pharmacy to get ice packs and water. Trying to drink alot before midnight then no more to drink or eat! I'll keep you updated tommorow if I can!


Had my surgery at 8. Back at the hotel as of 11. Surgery went well! I wasn't too nervous. Everyone is so amazing at this office. I thought I was going to cry at one point but I was ready. Next thing I knew I was walking up in recovery. First thing I did was try to look at them, they look perfect! Not too big not too small. No pain just alot of pressure. A bit dizzy and nauseated. Can't believe I followed through with this! So crazy, my mom is taking care of me. Probably gonna nap. Love you all for the support!

First night

I felt really good all day yesterday, was able to eat solid food and drink. Took my morphine twice. One after surgery and one before supper. By midnight I was vomiting. Got a huge migraine which I suffer from and threw up. Wasn't from my pain of surgery but my migraine which I'm sure happened because the morphine. Today I plan on jist trying Tylenol extra strength. So far my pain has been about 3-4. I slept very well vut woke up in pain. I'm about a 6 now but it's not a normal pain just right. I hope this pain is worth it, I'd say my back and incisions hurt thw most. Heating pack for sure on your back helps!

Post up day one and two

Thought I'd catch you all up my recovery so far!
Post pp day 1: nothing too eventful. Travelled home that day and took only Tylenol for pain. Was able to eat and drink fine. Also had a BM (TMI but oh well). Got home and walked about fine and able to relax. Been icing 30 on 30 off. My mom changed my dressing and my stitches are beautifully done! So perfect
Day 2 thus far: woke up in quiet a bit of pain. Took Ibproufen as recommended by my doctor since morphine hurts my stomach and I throw up instantly. Just about to have a shower! Best feeling in the world

Pics to compare

Comparison pics!

Start of day 3

The end of my second day wasn't very eventful. Still pressure but no pain. Idk I'd I lucked out bur my recovery has been pretty well considering I went fr nothing to huge boobs! I only take 1mg morphine at bed to help me sleep otherwise it's Ibproufen or Tylenol or Advil as recommended by my surgeon. I'd say the mornings are thw worse because they feel so swollen! Otherwise thw pain goes away through rhw day. Going to start taking small walks today. Then Netflix and ice will be best friends for the rest of thw day. Also my boyfriend loves my boobs..what a surprise. Was so against them and now everytime he comes home he asks how his boobies are. Typical guy! Anyways question for you girls! When will I be able to feel my nipples again?? they feel so odd

Day 4

So morning boob kicked in again this morning! I only take my morphine at night so I didn't take any this morning. Just ice and Advil! After that no issues. I couldn't get comfortable last night because my left boob feels like it's pushing my implants up and it's weird. Idk how to explain it but it feels like my implant is moving around haha. Maybe it's my muscle spasms! Tried to take a pic to show lol. Anyways my follow up app is Monday. This follow up app they move my implants around, kind of excited because I get to start massaging them! Woo let's get these bad boys down and away from my neck! Went out for dinner tonight and no issues. My incision does feel a bit sore otherwise no one would have noticed but my bf did tell his family no with my permission of course! So I felt I had to cover them up alot. Seen my friend aince I hadn't aince Mt surgery and she can't even tell the difference between my push up and my boobs now! The look I was hoping for. They look like torpedoes but I do not regret my decision at all. I did this for myself and I can't wait till they drop and fluff! Hope all is well with you girls


Pics from dinner! I didn't weary shirt as low haha but just to show how awesome they are. I only have a small bruise!

Day 5

So last night went out for dinner, you think my bf is a speed racer the way he drives. Really paranoid I hurt my stitches. My dressings arw alot more bloody ????. Guess he forgot to not drive around like a maniac. Otherwise I'm okay my left is a bit sore. Thinking I may cancel my plans for tonight for dinner just because I don't want to cause any damage. Hope my stitches didn't rip ????


Pictures in thw same bathing suit as above to compare! What do you girls think? Too big or just right?! They look massive and high

1 week post op!

Had my one week post up appointment. All is well! I'm healing amazing the nurse said. I get to do my implant movements. Up and to the side and I hold it for a few seconds. She said to do this 6-8 times a day! She said soon they will trick people if they are real or not! Excited!! In another week time I get my stitches removed! Can't wait to fade my scars so I can hide any evidence!

Week 2 update!

Canr believe it's been two weeks already! Went for my checkup and got my stitches removed and the steri strip. Hurt but such a relief becuse it was so itchy!! See pics for my incisions. Flawless I'd say! I get to start using scar treatments which I plan to start asap! Otherwise not much else is new! Loving them and have not had one single regret. So all you added out there who are going through this nerve racking decision, I say do what makes you happy and don't do it for someone else! Mt boyfriend likes them he doesn't really comment much but I did this for me and I don't need pairing feedback from a guy take me feel amazing and I really do! Good luck to everyone!

Is this normal??

Been having a weird feeling on my left breast. When I lean back I can feel a pulling feeling and get a line down my side ????. Has this happened to anyone else? Does it go away?

Update three weeks

Figured id write an update! I'm officially back at work and I feel amazing. No pain, I work as a nurse so I do limit the amount of upper body activity I do. No one at work has noticed, even the nosey ones who asked over and over whwre I was going for two weeks! Two weeks off felt long enough for sure. Only pain is my mondor cords, more discomfort then pain. Also a question on if anyone knows how to help make a scar less bumpy feeling due to scar tissue built up! Leave comments below, thanks girls! Good luck to those going into surgery and recovery ????

Already past a month!

Sorry for the delay, time is flying! I can't believe it! I've been enjoying my new assets in the warm weather. Finally some new updated pics for you guys to see. I have been using scar tape since my last check up. Really trying to massage the incision to reduce the scar tissue build up. If you have any tips leave them below in the comments! My cord finally went away that was bothering me on my left breast. Not really any other pain, the odd time I'll get morning boob. My friends love my results. I'm so glad I didn't go smaller. They are perfect for my frame I think. My boyfriend doesn't really get to see them much, some tension because of his lack of support through the process. Still makes comments now and then which are uncalled for. Especially about the cost and how I chose to "waste" money when I paid for it all on my own. I do Feel insecure to show him so I haven't. So it comes as no surprise that I'm moving out into my own place again. Probably has alot to do with him making me feel "stupid" for wanting to change my body. I just turned 24 so I feel I'm too young to feel this way in a relationship and to let it affect me emotionally any longer. We'll see how long the relationship lasts once I'm on my own. Goes to show that don't back out of things that make you happy because of someone else's opinion. I'm glad I didn't listen and and went through with it! Even if it costs me a relationship. The right person should suport you no matter. Next few weeks should be stressful with packing and moving so hopefully my body can handle it. I'll try and stay updated! Doing my best to remain positive! Thanks for the love and support!


Felt like taking pictures to help me feel better through this shitty time! Loving my results so far. Still sitting a bit high but considering I didn't need a strap they look good

Two months!

Hey ladies! I'm officially moved into my new place and all is well. I was able to lift and move things no problem with the okay from my doctors office. Still doing my breast movements. They aren't sitting as high. Went to get sized at Victoria secrets and I got sized as a 30 DDD... Let that sink in haha. Sounds huge! But I don't feel they look at all that big, maybe a little bit of boob greed. Still no regrets on my decision. I didn't buy a bra yet as Vitoria secrets does not carry that size. Any advice on where to buy bras would be awesome! Happy healing everyone ?

Two months post op pics/bra and scars

Finally bought myself a bra. 32DD seems to fit well although Iam a 30 band which stores don't carry. My incisions are healed well. Hoping the redness goes away eventually!

Back into the swing of things!

Finally back to working out! So far no issues, feels amazing to get back into working out. Gotta work on that booty to balance my body with my new assets! Still a bit sore where my incisions are but otherwise I love them still. Here's a pic in my new sports bra!

Months later! Here's my review

Hey ladies! It's been a while since I've posted an update. I have to say Iam still loving my boobs. No regrets at all! I feel some days maybe I should have gone bigger but I believe this size suits my body. My scars are healing very well I'd say. Used silicone scar tape religiously. No loss of sensation in my boobs or nipples. They are getting soft. I feel my left one is a big harder though. Still trying to do my movements to soften them up! I'm not too sure what else to comment on. I do feel more confident, I feel less of a need to wear low cut shirts. Maybe it's the fact I know they are there so I don't need to fake that I have big boobs. I'm glad I chose to go with the procedure. Although some were not supportive. My advice is to do what makes you happy. If you have any questions let me know! Everyone was so helpful on here during my prep for surgery and my recover. Much love!
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