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I had my first face lift (in Ft. Lauderdale) at...

I had my first face lift (in Ft. Lauderdale) at the age of 50 and the result was very favorable. It took 6-8 years off, with a dramatic decrease in cheek, eye, and neck sagging.

I had a repeat procedure last year at the age of 58 (different doctor, in Scottsdale), and the result was even more favorable. I'm now six months post, and all bruising, swelling and scarring is completely invisible. I'm actually 59 years old now, and routinely pass for mid-forties.

Of course I am in great health generally; great genes, blond, blue eyes, very classically Nordic, work out routinely, take age-management supplements, and eat right. Nonetheless, my facial surgeries have very nicely augmented my overall "look". and I'll do it again when necessary.

My advice: do your research (ask other physicians who they would send their wives to), interview carefully, listen, state what you want, and don't scrimp on money. This can be as successful for you as it was for me.

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My doctors both listened to me and gave me what I wanted.

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