Subtle Difference but Not Too Bad

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I have been wanting surgery all my life but also...

I have been wanting surgery all my life but also been scared of it all my life. I was afraid I would never wake up. When I finally decided to go for it, I chose the best surgeon and hospital in my area, went for one consultation, agreed with the surgeon and the fees, and scheduled the surgery.

I had a rhinoplasty and face-lift in the same surgery. The face-lift was the worst part (I’ve reviewed all of my procedures on RealSelf) but the bleph was terrible too. My eyes were so swollen, almost shut. I stayed overnight in the hospital but I don’t think I would have gotten a minute of sleep if not for some very powerful drugs. It wasn’t restful, let me assure you.

When I got home I iced my eyes literally every 15 minutes. I wanted the swelling to go down so I could return to normal functioning as soon as possible. The swelling did go down but it lasted longer than it should have.

I am happy with my eyelift but not with the rest of my surgery. I think my eyes look better. It is a subtle change but I didn’t want to look funny either. But my face is still drooping in the wrong places and my nose just looks odd.

I took the step of getting the surgery that I’d always dreamed of so I could finally look good, at least to myself. I am pleased with the eyelift but what good is it if I hate the rest of my face? I am going to go back to my surgeon and ask him what he can do to fix this but I am afraid all over again. And what if this IS it?
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