Petite Mom - Full TT, BA & Lipo in 2015 - revision 11 months later

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After years of debating, I finally decided to get...

After years of debating, I finally decided to get a mommy make over. I am very short (4'9"), and pregnancies and c-sections did a number on my midsection. I work out 3-4 times a week (spin, running elliptical) and am as fit as I can be without surgical intervention (or, like, magic). I interviewed 4 surgeons and choose the doctor with whom some friends had their BAs. I've met with him twice and feel great about my selection. This website has been wonderful and I'm growing less nervous by the day :) Anyone else scheduled for early November?

Realized this is actually happening

It dawned on me today that I should buy supplies :) So I purchased:

Various size long pads (my period starts the day of my surgery. awesome.)
extra strength tylenol
Tylenol pm
arnica cream (DR gave me arnic pills for pre-surgery)
wedge pillow things - one for the head / one for my legs
3 compression garments - total gamble since I'm short and don't know what will fit
cough drops
femal urinal (so I can pee standing up)
enema - I had terrible constipation after my c-sections, so now I'm cautious LOL!
A big plastic tub to keep it all in. I call it my Beauty Box ;)

Thanks Walgreens and Amazon!

1 day post op - not too bad!

I had my MM yesterday. The worst part was waking up and shivering. That only lasted about 20 mins though. Then last night I was really queasy for about 30 mins but my dr gave me a scrip for Zofran and it went away quickly. Otherwise it's really not that bad! The exparel helps a lot, as does my medical recliner and pain pills :) hello flat side!


First, I turned the corner on feeling crummy. The first week wasn't totally terribly awful - but there were periods of pain, aching, swelling, crying and mega-soreness. But now I am 1 week post op and finally starting to feel like I have more energy. The BA and Lipo weren't bad at all but the tummy tightness and sensitivity were killer. They have subsided a lot though and I can't wait to have more weeks of healing behind me.

Just over 3 weeks post op

Well yesterday was ROUGH - I started my period a week early and felt terrible! Nausea, cramps, constipation - I felt like I was back at week one. Fortunately today is much better (thanks to a cocktail last night of percocet, colace, MOM, tylenol, and sleep). Overall I am loving my results. My swelling is not too bad. I drink at least 4 tall glasses of water a day, often with pineapple juice mixed in. And I avoid processed / high sodium foods like the plague. I think this helps a lot. I didn't wear my spanx last night and actually felt better / less swollen. But the Dr says to wear it for at least 4 weeks though so I'm back in them today - bleh. I had a lymphatic massage last week and it seemed to help too - though honestly it felt weird, lasted for 20 minutes, and was expensive! As for the scars - I've heard tension is the enemy so I bought more steri trips for when mine fall off and still walk a bit hunched when I feel like I need to. So far the scar is a thin, thin purple line - hope it stays like that! And I had a vertical scar for on my TT since I didn't have too much loose skin (mainly muscle damage beneath) and even that tricky "T" intersection of the vertical and horizontal scar is looking nice. Again it hasn't all been smooth sailing but the good days far outweigh the bad ones, I am am really impressed by how I look. Happy Thanksgiving to all and happy healing!

Six weeks and three days!

Just wanted to pop in with some super gross (and awesome) pictures of what was removed during surgery. I had a FU apt 3 days ago and my PS now says to wear the spanx for another month. Bleh. I am swollen every single night but it's definitely getting better. I can't run yet because my thighs ache from lipo when I try but I'm going to try an easy spin class soon. Some days I wish I had gone larger with the BA, other days I am relived I didn't. Overall I still think the surgery is worth it. Can't wait to see the final (non swollen) results!

Revision (oh joy) - Mini TT AFTER a Full TT

I have not seen to many reviews of situations like mine so I thought I'd share. Most have a mini ad THEN a full TT. I did the opposite - a full, and then a corrective mini.

I started out 4'8" tall and fit, just with a "mom bod" - lol!

So I had a mommy makeover with aboard certified PS with full TT, BA, and Lipo of thighs and love handles on 11/2/15. I ended up with a vertical TT scar as well as the horizontal one, both which I expected. At first I loved my results.

But... by around 3 or 4 months I noticed my belly button was becoming hypertrophic as was my vertcial TT scar. This was despite 24/7 compression garments and silicone sheets. Also the vertical scar was almost 3" long (not the 1" I was told), and my old navel piercing had not been removed which left a super weird puckered appearance. (ew) My lower abdomen was still poochy. I could also still grab handfuls of skin on my upper abdomen while standing up straight. Not cute.

So I met with the original PS a couple of times to go over my concerns. I also met with other PSs for second opinions. More months passed. I decided I did want a revision, and I also decided not to use my original PS even though he is board certified and he did a GREAT job on my BA and Lipo.

So almost 11 months after my full TT, I had basically a mini TT witha BB revision on 9/21/17 with a new PS, Dr. Juan GIachino.

Before my revision my BB had developed into a big, round circle with a red, raised perimeter around most of it. It was a perfect circle, I'll give it that lol! (not natural looking at all) My vertical scar was almost 3" long and had gotten to almost 1/2" wide and was raised and red, with what looked like a vein or long black thread? inside it. My horizontal scar was starting to become hypertophic as well.

The revision was done under local. First Dr. GIachino cut out my old BB and made a new heart-shaped one. Then he opened my horizontal scar (not as wide as the first time), lifted the lower abdomen skin up, cut out scar tissue, pulled the flap down to eliminate a lot of the old vertical scar, and closed the horizontal incision. Somewhere in there he also cut out the entire old vertical scar and restitched it. Again it was all done just under local which was a smidge uncomfortable so I may not be recalling everything correctly :)

Bottom line I left with a newly shaped BB, a flat lower abdomen, and MUCH shorter vertical scar. It's about 1" The final stitches came out today. I am so glad I did the revision - even though it's only been about 2 weeks. I can't wait to see it all when the redness fades to white and the swelling goes down. I am most excited to have a PS who cares so much about keeping an eye on my scars.

I'll post updates as the healing process continues but Dr. Giachino is just fabulous.
Stuart Plastic Surgeon

I had a TT with MR, BA and Lipo with Dr. Fasano in 2015 and a revision of the TT about 11 months later with another surgeon, Dr. Juan Giachino. Dr. Fasano's work on my BA and Lipo were wonderful, and I also REALLY recommend Dr. Juan Giachino for any tummy work (his belly buttons are amazing). Both surgeons did a very nice job and I am glad I went through all the procedures.

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