Radiesse for Eye Bags

3 weeks to see good results, I am happy I did it...

3 weeks to see good results, I am happy I did it although I didn't know recovery would be so long. I spent two weeks obsessing and looking in the mirror.
Bruising and swelling, nervous for a whole week, regret and disappointment of
Procedure because of discoloration and bumps, wormy line on one tear trough,
Cold compresses first two days used arnica topically and orally. Also took
Enzymes. Vitamins and ate very healthy. Went running after four days to increase circulation then used warm compresses and lightly pressed my finger on the parts that looked bumpy. i was reassured by Doctor I would love the results. I don't look tired all the time. I was told in a few weeks it will look even better.

Looking good!

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