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I am 40 years old and I had a tummy tuck (TT) on...

I am 40 years old and I had a tummy tuck (TT) on December 11, 2013. The Palomar Icon Laser for scar treatment is being performed in my PS's office who also performed my TT. This laser is being used on my TT scar, which extends hip to hip as well as on my new belly button and old sewn up belly button scar (with TT, I needed a new opening for my belly button). I have an olive complexion and my TT scar is dark. I started treatment on Monday, 3/10/14 at 3 months post op. I was told it will take 4 treatments before seeing any results. Treatment is once monthly at $300/treatment. Today's treatment was quick, and it is a little painful. The first "zap" made my body jolt, but then after that I knew what to expect. I call it zap because it does feel like an electrical shock sensation. It is a quick sharp sensation. Luckily, my belly is still numb from the TT, so I did not feel the laser on my new and old belly button! I will post before pictures soon.

Before Pictures - Presurgery and 3 Months Post Surgery prior to Laser Scar Treatment

Before Picture - Surgical scar in bottom comparison photo at 3 months post op before laser treatment

Day After First Laser Scar Treatment

I totally didn't expect that my scar would like like it does in these pics after treatment. It took about a week to clear up. I had to use cortizone for itchyness and aquaphor to keep it moist. Eventually, the dead skin came off. I continue to put aquaphor on it to keep it moist so it can heal well.

2 Weeks Post Laser Scar Treatment (First Session)...I will have 5 more sessions!

My scar looks more red in the picture than it actually is. It is pink in color, fresh new skin. I continue to put vitamin E and aquaphor on it multiple times each day to keep it moist and help it heal.
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