Lip Lift - Sweden

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I've had lip lift in Stockholm, Sweden. I've...

I've had lip lift in Stockholm, Sweden.

I've hated my philtrum and wished I could somehow make it smaller, thus I rejoiced when I found out that you could have it reduced invasively, and I'm happy that lip lift is really a godly procedure! A tall philtrum doesn't suit my face since I have pretty feature, so it ruins the balance...
Before the surgery, I discussed with my surgeon - we agreed on 6mm. He told me that there is regression; removal of 10mm => 6mm.

Philtrum height before: 19mm
Philtrum height now: 14.5mm

The recovery was quick and the swelling subsided after like 2-3 days. I don't really care at all about having a scar there, but the scar isn't very noticeable and it is fading.

I'm happy with the results, but I kinda wish that I removed more than 6mm.
I really love the look of small philtrums & big, red lips. I want to have a lip lift revision in a few months to remove 4mm more, and then subsequently do upper lip filler. I would like to hear your opinions on that too :)

5 months update, had Doctor meeting

I met the Doctor yesterday in Stockholm for a review and apparently he removed 8-9mm during the surgery - not 6 mm like I thought. That was good news. ;) He thought the results were good and didn't want to remove any more since he was afraid I'd get a gummy smile and show too much teeth.

I don't show any gum at all (only teeth) when I smile so I'm sceptical towards whether I'd get a gummy smile with a 2mm shorter philtrum. If I bite my teeth my lips are a tiny bit apart but I have no issues with lip incompetence at all.

I measured my philtrum now and it's about 15mm. Pre surgery it was about 20mm so it has made a difference.
My chin is 35mm. I want to do another lip lift to remove perhaps 3mm more so I'd get a 13mm philtrum. Since my surgeon doesn't want to remove more I'm gonna look for a top doctor in Berlin next year or so...

It's kinda annoying since I want to remove more and he doesn't want to lol..

I'm having jaw surgery done in London with Sliding Genioplasty and my chin will be about 5mm longer = 40mm. So my philtrum should look a bit shorter with a bigger chin.

I still think the optimal would be to remove 3mm more and to increase my chin height about 5mm. What do you guys think?
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