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Dr.Schilling is the doctor I've chosen to do my...

Dr.Schilling is the doctor I've chosen to do my BBL . I have seen some of his previous work and was very impressed. His staff is AMAZING, he is super cool and easy to talk to. It was almost like he knew exactly what I was looking for. We talked about the "problem areas" of just tooo much "deliciousness" and what needed to be done to achieve my desired look. Surgery date is set for 12/15/16 , so about a month a 2 weeks to go. Already paid first half of total cost. Extremely nervous about the healing process.

Ready to get it over with!

Well ladies 3 days pre op....and I'm nervous as I don't know what. Don't have the support I thought I did, or rather for as long as I thought. It's OK, I'm praying. Still feel like I'm not fully prepared, like I'm missing something. I have been trying to train myself to stay on my side or stomach to sleep. I bought an extra Faja so I'll have one when the other is dirty. My nurse told me a couple of things to do but I still feel so unprepared. I had to stop taking some of the prescription medicine I was on and I've increased my intake of collagen. My doctor told me to bring my picture with me of how I wanted to look and I understand that we are not aLloyd made the same....he will still have somethings to reference. I will post some wish pics and then some pics of myself.

Pictures of me before procedure.

More wish pics

Augusta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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