Still Waiting for Thermage Results 7 Months Later

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In 2005 I had two Titan treatments. I was...

In 2005 I had two Titan treatments. I was actually quite happy with the subtle results. I saw immediate improvement under the chin after the first treatment. A year later, I wanted a Titan tuneup, but when I called to schedule, my Dr had eliminated Titan at his practice and was recommending Thermage. I decided to do from the eyes down, mid face, jawline, neck. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, ie the dentist does not bother me, Titan was tolerable with 2 valium (relaxes, but does nothing for pain). Thermage was unbearable once the technician reached the jawline. The technician stopped the procedure as I was crying crocodile tears.... I had received 1 Ambien and 1 Valium. Not enough. For whatever reason, I was given another Ambien to relax me. This is not a procedure you have to worry about sleeping through! The technican ended up turning the power down on the machine to get me through the procedure on the jawline and neck. I would l have liked stronger meds, but it was explained to me that it could hide damage, ie if you can't take it, you are probably better off turning the machine down, then not feeling it. I did not see any immediate results, unlike the Titan. I am at 7 months post procedure. I may have some slight new plumping/firmness, but for the money and pain factor, it just does not seem worth it. I was told I will continue to see improvements up to a year. I am thankful I have not had any of the fat loss that has been discussed in some of the chat rooms. Part of me fears that it could still happen if its "not done baking". For the record, I have fair thinner scandanvian skin. The strangest part of the experience was I lost 24 hours after taking the Ambien!
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