SmartLipo MPX- Stomach last year and now neck & chin

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I am 23, 5'3 and right now I weight about 155 lbs....

I am 23, 5'3 and right now I weight about 155 lbs. I have always carried my weight in my stomach and have had a ton of trouble losing weight from that area, despite being an active runner and into kickboxing.

After a year of debating it and two consultations, I have decided to have SmartLipo done on my upper and lower abs.

I am slightly nervous about the procedure but am hoping for good results! I will keep this updated and post pictures before the surgery.

Having the procedure done tomorrow! I will take my...

Having the procedure done tomorrow! I will take my own 'before' pictures tonight and post them. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow! If anyone has any helpful tips I would really appreciate them!

(Also, has anyone else taken Arnica before a surgery and had it make their throat and mouth really realy dry?)

Just got out of the office from my procedure! The...

Just got out of the office from my procedure! The pain was actually less than I expected, I was up and talking to the doctor and nurse the whole time. So far so glad that I did it but we will see about pain later once the numbing stuff wears off. I also ha e before shots!

I am one day out and I still have not 'peeked' yet...

I am one day out and I still have not 'peeked' yet because I know I am way to swollen to see any results. I did look down while changing the bandages and I am extremely bruised. I am also 'leaking' a lot of fluid still. The pain has been very manageable though, I was able to sleep last night only waking up once. I did use the Vicoden I was prescribed at night however, taking two doses through the night. During the day I am sticking to Tylenol and so far that has been ok. I added the before pictures and will try to add some afters next week.

So I am 10 days out and so far so good still. I am...

So I am 10 days out and so far so good still. I am really liking what I am seeing and do have some pictures to post.

The day after the surgery I went out and did a little bit of shopping at Home Goods just to walk around some and that was just fine.

I have been up and active since then, and trying to walk on the treadmill as much as possible. I tried running slowly two days ago but it was still to jarring to my stomach so I stuck to fast-paced walking.

I am still pretty swollen but have been wearing my compression garment religiously even tho it is pretty uncomfortable at times. My doc said two weeks in it, so I have to stick it out until Friday, and will then switch to another kind of garmet most likely.

Woohoo! I am two weeks out so according to my doc...

Woohoo! I am two weeks out so according to my doc I can ditch the garmet he gave me! I switched over to a spanx-type garmet today even though I apparently don't need a compression garmet at all- it is just more comfortable.

I started running again two days ago! It was pretty slow but I made it a 1.25 mile before I walked, then finished out my 5k doing a sort of run/walk. I have also been eating pretty well and keeping track of what I eat and my excercise amounts on an iphone app I have. I have a follow-up on the 16th and plan to ask when I can start doing ab/core workouts and return to kickboxing- I am really missing it.

So far I am really happy with the results I am seeing, especially under clothing. I am getting the hardness that people talk about though-the majority of my stomach feels like a rock and I am noticing some spots that are harder than others. I have been sort of massaging it myself, although I am still pretty sore to the touch. I am also thinking about a lymphatic massage, as I hear this can help a lot after it.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it, especially the immediate results pics I have up- I know I personally can tell a difference but am wondering if that is just me or if it is really noticable to others as well. I will also post more pics at the 3 week mark.

I am now 1 month and 2 days out from my surgery. I...

I am now 1 month and 2 days out from my surgery. I had my follow up a few days ago and Dr.K told me I still have a good amount of swelling but says the results are looking great so far and that he can't wait to see my results at the 3 month mark and especially the 6 month mark when he says the skin tightening will be really obvious.

I added some new pics and I think that it does look pretty good for 1 month out. I am hoping that there is still a lot of swelling though, as I would like it to be a lot flatter. I have also been working out a lot, running about 3 miles a day 4 or 5 days a week and doing some strength training as well. I have also returned to kickboxing and didn't have any problems with it, which was great since I really missed it! I have lost a little bit of weight, but not much, probably because I am strength training and not just doing cardio...Although I am happy with it as I think any weight lost and not gained during the holidays is an accomplishment!

I will continue to keep this updated with pictures and posts, hopefully this is helpful to you!

Its been about 3 months and a week since my...

Its been about 3 months and a week since my surgery. Overall I guess I am happy with the results. Clothes fit me better now I think. I haven't seen a huge change from 1 month to 3 months though, or at least not that I can see. I am hoping for some visable skin tightening over the next few months.

I am also working out a lot- running about 3 miles a day and strength training a few times a week, which has also helped I am sure.

My biggest fear is that I can see the indent that is very obvious in my before photos (sorta like the middle of a "w") coming back, and I am terrefied of that happening! That was probably the part of my body I was most uncomfortable with and I am afraid it is going to be the same again. I plan to ask my doc about it soon.

I had smartlipo on my stomach last year and had...

I had smartlipo on my stomach last year and had decent results. I had been planning on doing it on my chin and neck at the same time, but wasn't able to because of $. So almost exactly a year later I went back in yesterday to have it done (11/26).

Background: I have a weak chin which has given me the dreaded double-chin and thick neck look that I feel makes me look much heavier than I actually am. I hate catching glimpses of myself from the side and can not stand seeing pictures of my profile. It has bothered me for years. In high school when I got my braces removed the orthodontist recommended me for surgery to break and reset my jaw to improve the appearance of my jaw-line and give me a stronger profile, and to prevent the appearance of a double chin. I never did it because my mom did not want me to go under anesthesia to have the surgery done at the time. As my braces results regressed (from not being diligent with my retainers) the double chin look and my jawline began to look worse and worse.

Fast forward to now- I am getting married this coming August and did not want to hate every wedding photo not taken straight on so now was the perfect time to do it.

Going in, I already pretty much knew what to expect, but was a little more nervous because it was around my neck and that bugs me out. The numbing and insertion of tumescent fluid was pretty painful, but I got through it and after I was numb it was ok. The whole thing took about 45 minutes. I felt fine going home and am only sort of uncomfortable when the meds wear off. Yesterday I took motrin until bed, when I took vicodin and slept through the night. Today I am back to motrin and faring well. The neck feels tight and swollen but it is more uncomfortable than painful. The headwrap is just lovely :) It is honestly in my opinion more comfortable than the garment I had to wear after the stomach lipo.

I will post before pics soon and after pics when I start to see some results. Please feel free to ask me any questions you would like! 2 surgerys down and I feel like a veteran smart-lipoer :)

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Dr. K is a very good doctor. A bit of a goofy guy perhaps, but I think his results speak for themselves, and he is great about being available if you have problems, questions, etc. Definately recommend him.Updated on 27 Nov 2012:This is the same doc I used for my previous smart lipo procedure last year. I had good results from him on my stomach so I obviously went back. He had a family emergency on the day I was scheduled to come in but he worked to get me on the schedule in the next week, which was great. His office leaves something to be desired- I wish it looked a little more professional and his staff is just him and his assistant, usually is is just Dr.K in and he is always the one answering the phone when I call. At first I found this odd but he is a great and caring doctor, which is why I chose to go back.

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