Tumescent Lipo of Upper and Lower Abs. Would Like Some Opinions - Staten Island, NY

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The surgery itself wasn't so bad although I...

The surgery itself wasn't so bad although I was soooooo nervous (even on a half of Valium). I cant say I felt any pain during the procedure, but the whole process is just crazy lol. It feels weird. I cant even explain how it feels. Especially if you have stretch marks, my Dr. told me that stretch marks fuse to the inner barrier of something (i forget the correct terminology) and when they numb you they have to break that all up. So it kind of feels like there is a huge rubber band moving around your belly.

Recovery was a BREEZE! and i have ZERO tolerance for pain. On my 1-10 pain scale, im giving it a 2. Period cramps are 10 times worse. The reason why im posting is because i wanted to get some opinions of my results so far. Believe me, I am very realistic when it comes to results and I am not even thinking about final ones yet. I know im still swollen. but after 6 days i notice a slight difference. I would just like to get some professional and real people opinions of my progress thus far to see if its normal and im moving along nicely, or not at all lol.

I plan to update as many pics as i can throughout my healing process. I am getting my flanks done next week and will be tracking that progress too. I had a 75 lb weight loss about 7 years ago and this is my gift to myself. Now i have to get to that gym and finish toning it all up!

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