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Just starting Invisalign... My teeth aren't in...

Just starting Invisalign... My teeth aren't in terrible shape, but I've noticed some shifting and gaps forming in the last couple of years and have decided to get ahead of it before they become really noticeable. I'm doing Invisalign through an orthodontist, but not an Invisalign Preferring Provider (I hope that doesn't come back to bite me). I had one friend get her Invisalign through a dentist and she has been really disappointed with the results. I also have another friend who is going the Preferred Provider route and she is incredibly happy.

The orthodontist I'm going to actually tried to lightly talk me out of Invisalign by saying that he feels like he has more control over teeth movement with standard braces. However, being that I'm 28 and in a job where I sit in meetings all day and talk to people, I stuck to my guns and went with Invisalign. I'm a little nervous that his trying to talk me out of it means he hasn't had success with Invisalign in the past (even though he and his assistants said he has). I guess I'll find out soon ;)

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So far, but I'm just starting.

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