Starry Eyed After Bleph

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I normally am very afraid of surgeries and clinics...

I normally am very afraid of surgeries and clinics. The clean smell of a hospital or a clinic freaks me out totally and i chicken out even for a flu shot. The only other thing that freaked me out more than needles is my eyes. I had very swollen eyelids and i knew that to get rid of this problem, i had to battle by surgery fear.So, with all my courage i went and met a very nice doc here in Ca. He checked me out, assured me that everything would be ok. His staff was very warm and friendly too and so i went in on my next appointment to get bleph done. My eyelids skin had sagged alot and it was interfering with my vision. The doc lay me down , sedated me mildly through an iv and also ijnected some anesthesia near my eyes. Not sure what he did, for i was quite sedated. He then made incisions in some areas of my eyes and removed the fat and the extra skin. He made an incision in the inside of my lower eyelid as well. I did have incision scars later for a few months on the upper eyelid but the lower ones were invisible as they were on the inside. It has been over a year now and the scars are almost gone. My eyes are great now and have not reverted back to the old saggy state. Since it was a surgery, i had to take 10 days off during which i got plenty of rest. I was told not to do anything that would strain my eyes, including crying. It hurt me when i sneezed alot. In a week the stitches were removed and after that weekend, i was back at work.

Bleph has been great for both my upper and lower eyelids. I can atleast see properly now and even have a twinkle in my eyes coz i look so good!

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