Adult W Braces Preparing for BSSO Advancement Jaw Surgery - Stanford, CA

My surgery should be before the end of this year,...

My surgery should be before the end of this year, I have had my braces since Jan/2016. I have over a cm overjet, more now since having the braces. I have trouble breathing, eating, sleeping, swallowing etc- due to lack of room. I look forward to getting this surgery done in hopes to greatly improve my quality of life as well prevent potential health issues caused by my underdeveloped lower jaw. Pics are taken before braces.

Date set, orthodontics done

My date is set now for the first week of December. My orthodontist okayed me last month that I was ready for surgery. My arches are all rounded out now and dispite the massive overbite, my teeth are straight! I was lucky to have short treatment (roughly 10 months only because I had orthodontics as a teen. Added some new images of my progress.
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