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I am someone who watches what they eat, exercises...

I am someone who watches what they eat, exercises regularly, yet all my life I've had these protrusions on the sides of my thighs I call "hocks", also the saddlebags. For the life of me all the exercise in the world would not get rid of them so I took the chance with Lipodissolve back around 2007. I had a series of injections, the doctor continued on with me until I was satisfied which was great. I was seeing results after a few injections and by the end (note this was probably once every 6 weeks or so, and less often as the results came about), what a difference! My pants all fit great, didn't look tight the way they used to. The downside was in fact the pain. The day or 2 after I was really sore, hurt to sit, and I was puffy. That all subsided but recurred with each set of injections. You have to drink a lot of water to flush it all out. Honestly, it's been 5 years now and the hocks have not returned! I thought about touchups but we'll see. As long as you are someone who exercises and has a good diet this will resolve the minor body issues you may have for good. Get diet and exercise first, then fine tune the rest of the body with this!

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