Ultimate Breast Lift (A.K.A The Horndeski Method) with Dr. Horndeski - Stafford, TX ( no vertical scars, no implants))

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I was concerned about if this could work on me. I...

I was concerned about if this could work on me. I am 40+ with dark skin and Hypo-tropic scarring issues. Initially we thought I may have been a candidate for a mini ubl, but once I went to get fitted for a bra at 3 different places(Dillards, Sonma,& Intimacy) I found that I was measuring as 32-34 G cup or DDD. Yet I had been wearing 36 DD, I was the wrong bra size obviously. I contacted them via email to see if I could have the procedure done on Feb 1st and they did make arrangements to squeeze me in.

I then contacted my primary doctor and made an appointment for blood work, UA, EKG and request a copy of Mammogram to be sent to Dr. H asap. Got the results back and was clear to have the full UBL.

Contacted Staybridge hotel and book a room (1 bedroom King Suite w/kitchen) for 5 nights. Purchase 6 bras on clearance from Nordstroms Rack (delighted to find my size). Then went shopping to find button down shirts to accommodated the drains and the fact that lifting my hands/arms above my head would not be allowed within the first 4 weeks.

Feb1 Day 1:
Get up and go to Dr. H's office to confirm what we are doing and how the procedure will be handled. He was very nice and yes he may talk fast for people that are not from the east coast, but I understood everything he said. Once we got done speaking my hubby handled the bill and then we went across the parking lot to the surgical center. We checked in and got prepped for surgery at 11 AM and I think we got started by noon. The time is fuzzydue to the sedation.

Work up sore and probably complaining about pain because it was painful. They gave me something and then I only remember waking up in the bed at the hotel.

My husband was excellent at draining the fluids over the next 72 hours post-op. I looked in the mirror the next morning and found I was swollen, my hands, feet and belly. I pretty much rested the entire day and loaded up on muscle relaxers & pain pills. Could those 22 saltine crackers have anything to do with that??? on to the next topic.

32 hours post op he and the PA came by the hotel to check on me and to remove the chest cast, so I could put the under wire bra on. We tryed on a couple and Elisa felt that the Chantelle Bras (http://www.herroom.com/chantelle,bras,support,cha001,001,186,24.html) would be best for me to start out in. Now this was for my shape and size of course.

Day 3
I am looking in the mirror as I get out of the shower and question was the best decision, because my breast looks deformed and much smaller. I did not have implants only a lift. I know what I see now is the swelling and really I can already tell that I have some relief of back pain. To soon for me to judge what I feel at this time.
They spoke with me an said thing will fall into place just have to give it time.

Day 5
Well ladies let me suggest you make sure to use a stool softener while taking the meds, because after five days on meds, my lower intestines said no to releasing waste. I then got senkot and prayed that would help. Also prior to him releasing me to go home, I told him that I could hear squishy water sounds in my right upper breast area the night before, But of course I could not produce the sounds on command during my follow up visit. We visit with him and he tells us we can go home because that things were looking good so it was ok for us to head back to North Texas.

Day 6
I am stressing out about this fluid retention in my right breast area, only because I have drains in still but the fluid is not moving as fast as it was in the left breast. I sent a video to them asking what should I do to counter a possible seroma, hopefully I will get word back in the morning and keep you guys posted.

I may have to go back to Houston for a day trip to get this matter resolved.
Will keep everyone posted.

Feb 10th 2013 (10 days post op) I am not sure if...

Feb 10th 2013 (10 days post op)
I am not sure if it me or what but I feel like I am having hot flashes at night. What in the world is that about? Yes I am over forty, so maybe that is what is the deal. We went to the Mall yesterday to look for some button down blouses for me to were and I got exhausted pretty fast so I grabbed four items rang them up and went home. I think I should still take is easy, I was not able to try the clothing on without my husbands help, so we waited until we got home. I purchase a few Kensie Hoodie dresses and they worked best for me with the zipper.
I am still taking the Antibiotics and I will be so happy to be of those. My GI tract is getting back to normal and I am not as bloated. Ladies please please adhere to the other comments about constipation, even if you have never had issues before, better to softener prior to surgery. Think twice about that steak or heavy meal the day before also. Drink water and stay hydrated the week prior to and proceeding surgery. You will be glad you did and sad if you don't. I did not heed the advice and it took me the regular girl 6 days to get "back on track". I think the muscle relaxers and pain pills put our intestinal track in some type of stoic state and it seems to shut down. Just eat healthy meals that are easy to digest and things should be fine.
There is still limited movement in my ability to move my arms in the upward position. I took for granted how high a glass in the cupboard really is, so I have been having the family to leave dishes out on the cabinet so I do not cause extra strain on my healing tissues.
Showers are a blast, but thank God for hubby's that don't mind washing your back and shoulders...somehow I think they may like this task. It take me a long time to shower because I am not able to move those arms as fast, plus I really am taking extra caution in rinsing off all the soap. My left nipple is healing different than the right one, seem to be more swollen. I have sensation in the nipples, but the breast still feel a tab bit numb and very hard still. I enjoy the shower and take my time because this is more time out of that bra. Wearing a bra 24/7 is so annoying, maybe its because it is under-wire, or perhaps I just hate wearing the thing all the time. Whatever the case may be I am going to follow the rule and pray that the final outcome in over the next few months will yield the result I so desire. I think the last time I posted I was complaining about fluid in upper pole area of my right breast and I still have it. I went to purchase the Arnica Pills & Cream to help with inflammation, I have used these in the past and they do work. While shopping I found this lotion called Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver with Neem Oil for Anti-Inflammatory, Moisturizing and Healing. I have been using it as soon after I get out of the shower and I can tell a difference in the nipple dryness and perhaps it will help with the inflammation also. Every day for 10 minutes I have been using this solid brass balloon ( that my daughter made in sculptor class) to lay on the spot where I hear the water sound. It seems like it helps and that the fluid may be decreasing in that area. Of course the doctor would suggest this would happen regardless of my tactics, but the mind is the best healer of our bodies.
My back is feeling GREAT! Like I am so serious, this is wonderful and unless you have back pain, you cannot imagine what a joy it is to not have any. My tummy is still swollen or something so I am ready to hit that gym hard, I have been eating and snacking on horrible things and not working out so I have gained at least 5 lbs, that okay because I know I can work that off in a week or two.
Sleepy in the recliner and it is not really good sleep, but some is better than none.

Feb 14th I am 14 days Post- Op and the fluid I...

Feb 14th
I am 14 days Post- Op and the fluid I had in the upper right area of my breast is all but gone. Elisa contacted me today to check on me and request that I send them photos of my progress. I will send them in the morning and post those to the site also.

Feb 16th (16 days PO) I got in trouble today with...

Feb 16th (16 days PO)
I got in trouble today with Elisa, yes I have been a non-compliant patient. Most of that has to do with my impatience in regards to healing. I understand that we all will have our own unique experiences that are specific to us. Unfortunately due to my innate desire to heal without issues I read everything I can find out issues that had occurred and that could occur and try to prevent them.
I no a NO NO upon discharge from the doctor and it needs to be detailed specific otherwise...I just might try it.
Elisa warned me that that behavior is exactly how the risk of post surgical complications can manifest into serious problems.
I do not want any problems nor do I want others reading my post to experience issues.
Okay so lets talk about the visual esthetics of my breast thus far. I am not liking those protruding sides at the bottom of my breast. So after sharing my concerns and "asking".....Elisa nicely if it was okay for me to purchase those silicone breast lift pads to see it that will help yield some better shaping result. To my delight she said "YES".
Like Wonder Women ( who just had surgery 16 days ago). I ran ( not really) down stairs and ask my husband to accompany me to the mall to get these pads. Reluctantly he took me and we got the pads and I will see if I can post the video of my insertion.
Basically I wore them for 8 hours and took them out. I will try to sleep in them another night.

Feb 18th is 18 day post op and today was a ruff...

Feb 18th is 18 day post op and today was a ruff day for tenderness under my armpit areas and back. I purchased a new bra yesterday from the Maddox Shop in Dallas it is a specialty shop and they work with women who need custom bras as well as women who need to be fitted for breast prosthesis. The fitting took 2 hours and they took a bra and pinned it, trimmed it and tailored it to fit me and help with this molding process.
I went to a foot spa and got the best foot massage ever, it was so good. I left from there and went to the grocery store to get some healthy snacks. By the time I got home I was beyond exhausted, so my son and his friends grab the 10 bags and put everything away.
The new bra I purchased was starting to take its toll so I asked my hubby to help me out of it. When I took it off I notice to unpleasant opening along both incisions. This is not cool but my fault because I really am doiing too much. I will post those photos later. Right now my eyes are crossing.

Today (19 days PO) was a learning experience and...

Today (19 days PO) was a learning experience and let me say this to those of you whom are like me, stop trying to rush the process. Okay so my breast tissue has been red and inflammed thanks to my bright idea about using Neosporin. I went to my primary care doctor and my CS Dr. Nathan Long and they both said, if it was not on the post op to try them that means do not try things. Needless to say I will be asking Elisa or Jana to add this to the post op instruction of things not do. My breast looked like flames where on them today. I did not take photos today because I was exhausted from running around. I got some kelfax( oral antibiotic), Naproxen ( anti inflammatory) and my Adipex P ( metabolism augmentor). The weight gain is a no no for me so back on the Adipex P. Love it! Works for me and I always drop 10 -12 lbs my first week when I take it. Yippe the joy.
I go back to my former CS Dr. Nathan Long so he can check on me to make sure I am doing better today. He said the only way to check to see if I have a seroma is to xray or just take that needle and stick it in to test. I will pass on that.
He was extremely impressed with DR. H's work and told me to just relax and let nature heal my body. Slow down and embrace these moments from the peaceful aspect. I am doing that starting today. So off to sleep I go and will update you soon.

23 days PO and looks like I am having a few issue...

23 days PO and looks like I am having a few issue with my incisions healing, so off I go to Dr. H and Elisa in the morning.I am jumping on the plan because they want to make sure this redness and not the seeping yellowish goo is handled properly. I am back on Bactrium which gives me major headaches and Amoxicillin for the next 15 days. I am still experiencing tightness and tenderness in the under arm areas too. I must go off the dreamland so I can let these cell work together so I can heal.
I have video and pics but I think that might be a little to icky to post.

Well I flew down to Houston this morning to meet...

Well I flew down to Houston this morning to meet with Dr. H and Elisa because they where concerned with the redness, shiny skin and drainage from the open wound on both of my breast. They did not dare tell me the scary fact that if he thought this was a worst infection..........(long pause and gulp) they were going to open that incision up and clean the area out right there on the spot. I WAS LIKE WHAT!!! The water works were whaling up ready to flow if he said that was the solution to the problem. However Dr. H push, polked, mushed and asked me if I had pain ect. He determined that we would wait another week of me taking the antibiotic, because he did not think it was anything serious BUT if it does not clear up in a week then back to the KNIFE noooooooooo. He prescribed a cream for me to apply 3 times daily Silver Sulfadiazine to help with redness and then I am to cleaning the wound with saline wound cleaner then applying betadine to the wounds and cover them with gauze that pulls the bad stuff from the wound (I get them wet in the shower to remove them, so as to not pull the healing skin)
Me and this infection are about to go to war immediately. I am going to hit the Vitamin C hard and the Zinc. I will go on and post the icky pics.
O yeah and my shape is still somewhat square and prior to me having this inflammation I was wearing those silicon push up pads to help round those bottoms out. So now that I got the clearance to wear them cover with gauze, they are back in.

As of today I am exactly 50 days post op and I am...

As of today I am exactly 50 days post op and I am still healing. The wound is starting to close. Of course I pack it like crazy 4 times a day with the wet to dry saline water method. It has really help with drying this thing out. The redness is still on both breast and during my visit to Nebraska my moms peer who is a Infectious disease doctor eliminated the diagnosis of me have cellulitis on both of my breast. She think is has more to do with the lymph drainage problem and according to her Antibiotics will not resolve the matter. I went have a lymphatic drainage massage today and acupuncture. We shall see if I have any improvement of the next few weeks.

66 Days Post Op- So I have been getting weekly...

66 Days Post Op-
So I have been getting weekly reflexology and acupressure. It has helped alot. I still have swelling in the right breast more than the left. It is starting to go down. My wounds have healed and I cannot tell you how happy I am about that. The shape is not what I want, but I am optimistic that they will change over the next 4 weeks. I predict a revision on those protruding sides. I have not been in the gym, but this week I am going to start with moderate to intense lower body and take it easy on the upper body. I am still very tight in the right breast and armpit area.
My plan is to go down to Houston this week or next to do a follow up. I will post my updates soon.

7 1/2 Months still healing

My journey had been long and that has to do with my expectations vs the current results, in addition to biology.
I wanted my breast to look exactly like the photos I showed him of other breast. They do not look like that and the truth is mines will never look like that. They still have this triangular shape. I dont care how much you tell me that they look ok....I did not want okay I wanted them to be even and not have these protruding sides. It looks strange in a blouse without a bra.
Dr. H has offered to do revision surgery on me. I dont have the time nor desire to go back under the knife and spend another 6 months trying to heal.
My results obviously are not typical but they are an example of what 7 months look like.
I still have tightness in my right breast plate and tissue. It is getting better.
I really havent been taking photos or posting much, due to my busy schedule.

If you go to seamstress with a dress made of a cotton an spadex blend to have alterations...

If she tells you "Yes" I can make alter that dress to make and make it look exactly like this photo in the magazine. You trust that she can do this because you have seen her website of her examples and you feel that although she make be more expensive she is able to replicate with precision. What would you think once you got the dress back and put it on and found that it was not what you expected and she tells you that it have nothing to do with her work it has to do with your body shape and how spandex stretches differently on different people? Then she goes on to tell you to look at how the dress hung off of you before the alterations, and how much better it fits after her work. In addition to that she explains how your body shape is the issue not her alterations. Most people lack the ability to deal with confrontational conversations so they just figure out way to mentally swallow the chastisement from the designer (seamstress). I refuse to accept the reason that one areola is higher than the other has something to so with my post op care. What the deal with the triagular shape? Listen when we build, cut, shape any material we know that it will yeild a certain result. For instance try building a house with a basement in Irving Texas that you saw in Denver Colorado. That house would shift and cave in within months because the ground is clay in Irving and would crush that basement. Our bodies are different and we all heal different, however the deal is that the doctor must know this in advance and share it with you before you make a decision to do ANY life altering procedure. Make sure you do your research and ask you doctor about the bad outcomes and why they happened and pay close attention to if he/she is defensive in the explanation. Remember there are some mistakes that cost more than money....

3 YR Post Op Update

UBL Update 3 yr PO 1/18/2016
It has been 3 years and the question that everyone ask me is am I pleased with my results. The answer is I accept the results I have and will correct the things I which I am not pleased with when I have time. There are some people who get the desired results the first time and then there are others may need a second procedure to correct things.
I think anyone considering a breast-lift should ask the doctor these questions.
1. How many women with my breast size and shape have you done this procedure on in the past 18 months?
2. How many of those patients have had dogears or puckering?
3. What would be considered a minor complication and how often has that happened over the past 18 months?
4. What would be considered a major complication and how often has that happened over the past 18 months?
5. What factors play a role in the having expected results versus unexpected results?
6. What factors contribute to possible post op complications like infections of the nipple, puckering, fluid retention, hyper pigmentation scarring.

Basically you want to share your lifestyle habits and diet with the doctor and find out how they impact the entire process.

Those are the questions I would ask now because after you have the procedure they wont matter. The reality of your expectations versus the outcome is the problem for many of us who are not pleased with the end results. Plastic Surgery is done to change or enhance what we fill is an imperfection. So for those of you who feel that I should be happy because they look better than before...think about this. If you asked for a raise and your boss gave you a Visa Gift Card and said this is not a raise but it can be used just like money, plus you don't have to pay taxes on it. Perhaps you are the person who finds the silver lining in every cloud. Well kudos to you. That is not me if I ask for a 30% raise then I expect a raise or the reasons why I cant have it.
I went in thinking my breast would look like the post op photos posted here on RS. I did not see any of the post OP photos with the triangluar shape that mines have, so this was not my desired outcome. Are they better than before, well yes they are, but the question is not if they are better. The question is do I like the end result and the answer is NO. I will be having Dr. Wallace in Plano, TX do my revision procedure because he is familiar with Dr. H's technique. My goal is share my outcome and my experience. The bottom line is there is no way for you to know the outcome beforehand. You may luck out and get exactly what you wanted. Make an educated decision by speaking to those who had great outcome as well as those who had issues.
A picture can speak a thousand words and so can google image search. So ladies just make sure that you ask questions without fear of offending others. This is a life changing procedure so make sure it changes things to make life better no matter which doctor you select.
Would I select this procedure again? No because it required me to have more than 1 procedure to gain the desired results. I would rather have 1 procedure.
I do not visit this site as much anymore. But it is a great resource for those seeking answers.

My goal was to find a doctor who could do a breast lift without the vertical scars and during my search I found only 3 doctors who may be able to achieve this. Dr.H just happens to be within driving distance for me, so I made an appointment and we had our skype session and communication via email with him and his PA Elisa.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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