2nd Week & Some Days are Discouraging

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Finally had a full tummy tuck on Aril 7th. The day...

Finally had a full tummy tuck on Aril 7th. The day after the surgery I was so happy because I made it through the surgery. I was convinced I was going to die or I wouldn't wake up. I had trouble waking. You want to wake up, but you can't keep your eyes open. I also felt some pain in my abdomen area. They gave me more pain killer as I was waking up from surgery, but it didn't completely clear up the pain. Later that evening hours after my surgery I threw up a lot. They said this was normal. It just wasn't very fun.

It has been 3 full days since surgery. I am keeping up on my pain killer and am only taking 1 every 4 hours. I was taking 2 but I think I can do 1 from now on. I am very uncomfortable with the tubes. It looks like one tube's stitch has come out. This tube has spotting of blood periodically. It makes me a little concerned, so I will call the doctor tomorrow (monday!). I also can't seem to empty my bladder completely. I feel like I have to go all the time. I can't wait to get through these first 2 weeks. I am just really uncomfortable and my back hurts from slumping over. The funny thing is my incision doesn't hurt. Just the muscles that were fixed and the tubes.

I am in my second week. One of my tubes was taken...

I am in my second week. One of my tubes was taken out a week after the surgery. It did not hurt at all. The nurse said the other side might hurt and that every tube removal can be different with regard to pain.

Every day has been different. Some days seem more painful than others. This can be discouraging. I have one very painful area to the right of my belly button. Sometimes the pain pills don't even knock it out. I am worried that I may have hurt that area early by shifting around in my bed too much without help. I will ask the doctor in two days.

Otherwise I am extremely bored sitting around all day!
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Excellent surgeon. Very professional. Not the warmest bed side manner though. Excellent results and wonderful surgery center and office!

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