Muscle and Hernia Repair, Hope to Get my Flat Tummy Back! - St. Louis, MO

I'm 34, have 3 beautiful children ages 5,7,and 9....

I'm 34, have 3 beautiful children ages 5,7,and 9. I gained about 60-70 lbs with each one and pretty much always lost it all before the next. However with the first I ended up with a hernia and major muscle separation. Like many of you whatever I did I could never get my old body back. And I have a lot of lower back pain as well since my abs do not engage properly. So for a few years now I've been contemplating and working toward having an abdominoplasty. My health insurance is awful (major medical) and I would be paying out of pocket basically the same amount if I went to a general surgeon to fix hernia and then end up with big vertical scar and still have the loose hanging skin and fat flap. Why not have it done right? right Ladies?

I'd love to get the fullness back in my breast from before having my babies and I nursed each one for about 22 months each. So they are rather deflated and small. However at this time I am not getting implants. I stressed and struggled whether to or not for quite some time. If it was such a hard decision I think the best answer for me was "when in doubt, do without". The idea of future surgeries to correct issues with non-lifetime devices is too much at this time. I'm hoping with the flat stomach also I'll be less dissatisfied with the small boobs. Right now my stomach sticks out past them so soon it'll be the other way around. My padded bras are doing me OK for now;).

I'm trying to not stress too much about all the what if's like ...coming through it alive and not leaving my 3 kids with no mother. And leaving my wonderful husband! I should have started this whole thing with how loving and wonderful and supportive my husband is!!! He is 1000% behind me and will be taking care of me too. Can't even describe how great he is.

I'm now at the point of trying to get things ready at the house and meals. Bills paid, kids cloths ready for the next couple weeks for school and house cleaned!!! Ahh kinda going crazy right now!!! But super excited!

Will post pics tomorrow.

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