Invisalign As a College Student - Saint Louis, MO

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I've never had braces before, and i have a lot of...

I've never had braces before, and i have a lot of crowding on my bottom and i don't like how i don't have a 10 teeth smile in the front. I also have a bad bite so i have jaw problems, which is mostly the reason why i decided to get invisalign. I have 22 liners that i have to wear for two weeks each.
Day one:
Just got my buttons and first tray in. I have a couple on my top and like 5 on the bottom. The only button that really irks me is the one on one of my side teeth, but its not too bad i guess. So far no pain, but i'll keep you guys updated!

week 2

well its been a week now, and i have a lisp :( super annoying and won't go away. Other then that, my liners are starting to smell funny. Not too worried about it though. I'm excited for my next tray in a week!

Tray 5

Just put in my 5th tray last night! my teeth are a little sore but i'm glad because that means it's working. Every time i put in a new tray i feel like i'm getting prettier :) My lisp went away after a week with the second tray! im so happy. That was my biggest worry. I have also been drinking with the invisalign in because i am not giving that i make sure to wash them out after a few hours out.

Tray 8

On tray 8 and put number 9 in next week…almost half way done! honestly doesn't even bother me that i have to wear it anymore. it feels weird when i don't have the invisalign in and sometimes i have food stuck in it (oops) but other than that no issues really. people don't even know i have it!

Tray 18

On the 18th tray!! my bottoms look SO MUCH BETTER. However, i have not yet achieved the perfect look i desire. I made some impressions at the ortho the other day and they are gonna give me new liners. Its called "refinement." the good think about invisalign is that you can refine your liners with no additional charge.
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