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Hello, first off I'd like to thank everyone for...

Hello, first off I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their stories. I'm planning on having my breast implants removed. I got them in 2002 and honestly wish I hadn't. I was a 36C at the time but felt like I needed more fullness and ended up a triple D. I'm 5'7 and 150 lbs. Lately I noticed my left breast is smaller and actually feels more natural than my right breast (I have saline implants placed on top of the muscle, subglandular) I'm certain that my left implant had ruptured. I have an appointment scheduled. I just want to have them removed and no other procedure. I hear that alone can cost 4,000.00 or more depending on if there's scar tissue, capsule etc. I heard that in Mexico I could have them removed for a significant amount less by board certified plastic surgeons. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this?

Breast Implants Drained

Hello, I saw the Dr. Today & requested he drain my right breast, which he did. The skin around the left breast had time to retract while the saline slowly drained out and the shape doesn't look to bad however not the same for the right breast, the doctor used a syringe to drain the saline at a much rapid pace so it will take time for the skin to retract. I know longer have the upper fullness/volume in my breast. The capsules will be removed in about 6 weeks. I'm considering having my areola reduced too. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Right breast drained

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