Mini-Tummy Tuck, Breast Augementation and Lipo to Flanks

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So pleased with my mini-tummy tuck results! Had...

So pleased with my mini-tummy tuck results! Had surgery on 10/2 (just over 8 weeks ago) and have had wonderful results from the mini-tuck (the small amount of lipo has caused by far the most pain and discomfort, but that's another post... :)).

After having 3 children (including a set of twins last spring) and several lower abdominal surgeries since my teens, I had a small amount of loose skin and odd ridges from the multiple surgerical scars. I'm 5'6" and a fit 130 lbs. and didn't want to lose weight, but wanted to be able to wear a swimming suit without feeling self-conscious.

I had never heard of a "mini" tummy tuck, but after examining me my doctor told me I didn't need a full tummy tuck. I already had a hip bone-to-hip bone scar from a very emergency C-Section that was also about a half-inch wide and very deep, so my new scar is actually an improvement.

My advice is to find a doctor who is highly-recommended, with whom you feel comfortable and who will give you honest recommendations for the best outcome.

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